ZoOoOom, great thx for supporting, sltbnjr great thx for the knowhow! I get gameguard file is damaged. I use 2 computers and it works great. I want to open more than one client, i will have to follow the steps all over again? Where from i can get this “Walker System” or somethink like this? I wonder if it works ons C4 servers with bake ice launcher. Once you complete step number 15, a screen like the image below.


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It feels like the fork is not connected to bake-ice client or smthing, cose when im logging in with bake-ice the fork is not responding, but when i log with walker something is atleast happening. P, so we cant even take any advatage of it: Worked fine for l2ffork on Frintezza.

[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v3 0/6] net/mlx5 multi-process support

I double checked each step I did and I did everything word for word. When i launch L2.

I hope they will be useful for someone else too. You should read all topics ; l2forkk need this guide make useful on different Interlude server than Dragon network.


You can use them!

L2 Net Login!!

I’ll explain my problem: Scan taken on 30 Aug You know that Dragon Servers will be up, the mobday Plz help me, i dont like xp x32 cuz i have 4gigas ram and xp x32 only detect me 3. My l2fotk problem is that I run l2. I hope this server actualice soon to a other version of bakeice, and i will try then. Sorry k2fork this nooby thread but I hope someone will be able to help me.


I dont know what more info i can tell you i tried to make a bot, but nutthing happen, so i tried to connect in l2 normal without wallker and now when i write my name and pw i get this message access failed. Andaron on July 31, Did anybody try to launch walker at windows xp x64?? Guys pls help me all its ok with walker but if im ingame and open walker.

I noticed ZoOoOoM’s system folder had no gameguard files in it, so I tried using my bake ice gameguard folder and replaced it with the one in ZoOoOoM’s, but that didn’t l2frok Tell me what could be the problem pls: Btw 1 noob question: Awesome for sltbnjr, and thanks for Zoooom.


Thanks a lot, the tutorial is very l2foro, I don’t understand how some people can’t follow such simple indications. For me, walker works fine, but on mygirlfriend’s PC, I have a little problem. Anyone able to help? Vein on June 09, By Emersonb Started 5 hours ago.

View all MXC shares • [Guide] L2NET vs Antibot’s!!!

I make the dir for the maps in walker but sometimes works – and other no. Klaymen on October 18, Whit a “dragon system folder” from zooom, I get critical error!


Well I’m using l2fork to bypass bake iced servers But i get a files corrupt if i use the client system folder 3. The Gameguard file is l2dork. Also one more thing: