Ch-6 Daamodaram-akhila kaama-akaram ghana Syaama-akritim-asura Bhiemam sadaa Baala Krishnam kalayavsakhi sundaram. Peters on Wide eyes. He averts all disasters and misfortunes. He is Rudra’s Son with attractive head and form and is adored by the lotus born Brahma. The moon and the sun are like your eyes.

krishnam kalaya sakhi sundaram song

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You fly on the Garuda bird and destroy the demons. You are the ocean of kindness. You kriahnam like the Sun to the lotus like hearts of devotees.

Translations of some songs of Carntic music: Krishnam Kalaya Sakhi

Do you have any photos of this artist? You ruled the earth and the oceans, Narayana teertha is the devoted servant of Sri Hari. My greetings to you. Look at this magnificent kid. You destroyed Naraka and protected all.

You are Balarama’s brother. Ch-6 This child, is Damodara, with a cummerbund around his tummy.

Krishnam Kalaya Sakhi Sundaram

You are adorned with grand koustubha gem. Balamuralikrishna, Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, M. Peters on Wide eyes. You bestow all happiness and bliss. You dispel all delusion maya. Oh Madhusudanadispel my accumulated sins. Do you know what kind of music this is?


krishnam kalaya sakhi sundaram song

Oh Narayana, You are the repository of countless virtues. Ch-2 He is at the outer bound of this ocean of existence. Add lyrics on Musixmatch. Sankaraguptam, Andhra Pradesh, India, July 6,… read more. Pallavi Look at this beautiful Krishna!

Carnatic Songs – kriSNam kalaya saki

Ssundaram are beautiful with dancing bells on your feet and bracelets on your wrists. You assuage the fears of the learned brahmanas and devatas.

The ladies of the cowherd township, presided over by Nanda and Yasoda, the parents of the child Krishna, converse among themselves about the charming kid. Pallavi Krishnam kalaya sakhi sundarambaala Krishnam kalaya sakhi sundaram Anupallavi Krishnam gatha vishaya trishnam jagathprabha Vishnum suraari gana jishnum sadaa baala Krishnam kalaya sakhi sundaram Ch.

Oh Kakaya, please shower your compassion on Narayana Teertha.

krishnam kalaya sakhi sundaram song

Garuda bird is your great vehicle. The lyric is traditionally sung in Mukhari ragam. You bestow all happiness and your mercy is perpetual.


krishnam kalaya sakhi sundaram song

Our highlights from Reading Festivalfrom rock oalaya roll to getting rickrolled Fest. You are adored by Brahma, Indra and other Gods. Ch-4 He comes looking like Rama, the handsomest one in the entire universe, He is accompanied by brother Balarama. He is the embodiment of truth, intellect,knowledge and bliss.

You are the embodiment of static and dynamic objects, men, women and other creatures. Keep on looking at this beautiful kid, Krishna! You are commenting using your Facebook account.