There’s a problem loading this menu right now. And all the scholars from each and every Math ‘hab are united Ijma upon this ruling. May Allah send salutations and peace and blessings to His intimate friend, the Imam of the Hunafd’- our Father Ibrahim. For such people , He has written Iman in their hearts, and strengthened them with the light from Himself. And he is the ‘Maghsub’ in our language. They all claimed that since their Shuyukh, elders, chiefs, rulers, and governors were upon a religion and methodology, then that was the only correct thing. Build for him a furnace, and throw him into the blazing fire!

kitab ad-durar as-saniyyah

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Then He informed that the reason for that that they took the kuffar as Jlwliyd is because of the fact that many of them are fdsiqun. And the same case is for whosoever reviles a Prophet. Verily I am, from Him, a plain warner to you. But if they are made to suffer for the sake of Allah, they consider kiab fitnah of mankind as the Punishment of Allah.

Thus the Takfir upon this person who abandons Saldt is a matter of disagreement. And Allah has made this affair something very great, as He said, “If you do not do so, there will be fitnah on earth and a great corruption.

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So for a firmer understanding of this matter, refer to those books. As for Muwdldt and this is more wide-ranging than Fawalli da-durar, then it is of two types: So in this sense, “idol’ is kitan to Tdghilt.

So, when they forgot that which they had been reminded of the warningWe opened for them the gates of every pleasant thing- until in the midst of their enjoyment in that which they were given, all of a sudden, We took them in punishmentand lo! Worship none, except Allah. And even if they resemble Muwdldt from the point that they are becoming close to the kujfdr, except that Muwdldt is something beyond that. So Allah ad-durra declared these collaborators as infidels Takftr for their mere promise to help them against the Believers.


Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Verily, He is unto me Ever Most Gracious.

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If [1] your fathers, [2] your sons, [3] your brothers, [4] your wives, [5] your kindred, [6] the wealth that you have gained, [7] as-saniyyau commerce in az-saniyyah you fear a decline, [8] and the dwellings in which you delight- If these are dearer ad-dudar you than Allah and His Messenger, and Jihad in His Cause- Then wait until Allah brings His Decision torment. There is no country of Islam. Thus, becoming apostates, out of the fold of Islam.

And, verily, among those who followed his Nuh’s way, was Ibrahim. Allah is pleased with oitab, and they are pleased with Him.

Did they complain about these things, as these ignorant people, who have preferred the worldly life over the Din, complain?

In this phrase you have affirmed Qiydm standing up for Muhammad, but you have not “singled him out”, because there is still a possibility that there is someone standing with him. Because in this, there is the rejection of the texts which are narrated regarding the falsehood of the Aqeedah of other than the Muslims, and the kufr of those as-saniyyahh are not upon the Religion of. And a check to any of the Tafsfrs of the Salaf of the Verses Al-Ankabut will verify that the vast majority of the mushrikun never believed that anyone other than Allah was the Creator, Sustainer, Owner, Administrator.


So where is this compared to those who say “Nothing wrong has come from us – we are still upon our Din”? And glance towards the Verse again- And do you see that he has clarified that the Tawaghit are the ones who misguide mankind, and that they are the ones that rip away security from mankind?

I swear by Allah!

Indeed, I fear for you the torment of a Painful Day. And those who are with him are severe against the kuffar, yet merciful among themselves. Get to Know Us.

kitab ad-durar as-saniyyah

He has no partner. Verily, my Lord is upon the Straight Path. Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaytan.

kitab ad-durar as-saniyyah

Also the famous Hadtth, “Three types of people will taste the sweetness oflmdn. For it is possible that a person hates the mushrikin, yet he does not treat them with hostility- and in such a case, he would not be fulfilling the obligation which is upon him; until both conditions, hostility and hatred, are met by him.

A group He has guided, and a group deserved to be in error. So, again, this is a refutation of the Jahmf-styled Murji’ah, who claim that it is possible to collaborate with the enemies of Allah against the Allies of Allah, and yet “love” Islam, and “hate” the enemies of Allah.