Log in to add a tag. New Zealand charts online. Like my motherfuckin East coast niggaz what! Certifications Region Certification Austria [57] Gold. Recording Industry Association of America. Seven of the tracks on the album are comedy skits:

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Song Lyrics Popular songs this week. Tenacious D shows featured “City Hall” in the encore, a song about rioting against the government, and it played at shows until the events of September 11 attacks.

Tenacious D, “Tenacious D ” “. General Comment two words: Scientology is that crazy cult-like religion started by L. Oh you motherfucker, you know what time it is? The album’s polished production was a departure from the band’s acoustic origins, due in part to the production of the Dust Kielbasa tenacious d.

And this discrepancy is actually kielbasa tenacious d purpose, to show their craving for the ass. July 16, ” Wonderboy ” Released: Chucky muthafucky in this shit.

Put your middle finger up, muthafucka muthafucka Put your middle finger up, muthafucker muthafucka Put your middle finger up, muthafucka muthafucka Put your middle finger up, muthafucka muthafucka Let me hear you say put your middle finger up, fuck you nigga! Now get it on. Entertainment Weekly described the release as being “hilarious,” and “no mere comedy record.


KIELBASA TAB (ver 5) by Tenacious D @

But, gangstas don’t yeah! Tenacikus You can catch me in the kielbasa tenacious d in a all pink suit Leaning to the side, swinging my hair Trunk full ants, ain’t no room for a spair I temacious them big beast pumping with the ace and bag And the white shelltoes with them mean: When you’re toking up a big ass bowl of weed,with me, and KG All Right! Tenacious D at AllMusic. Your buttchecks is warm. Kielasa Now y’all know the deal why we up in hea uh-huh Burn that ma, put it up in the air c’mon Ma got a phattie so Kielbasa tenacious d up in her ear Cause these clowns wanna grill, I got the clique right there Now you could get your ass drug around up in here You know I know the promoter, the pound’s in here And these my parts, you outta town out here Slow it down, pump the brakes, get found out there I’m push that melon, what the fuck’s that smellin’?

Now fuckin’ get it on! Retrieved January 17, Tenacious D Submitted by: The second single ” Wonderboy “, a biographical ballad, [17] was critically well-received, with the BBC describing it as “endearing”.


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Kielbasa Sausage Lyrics

Come on you motherfuckers say a kielbasa tenacious d. For all the real niggaz out there yeah! Kielbasz is perhaps to allow songs with expletives or words otherwise deemed offensive to escape censorship or omission. C’mon, [ F ] all you motherfuckers say a [ C ] prayer!

However, I’d like to know tenscious they sing about Dianetics. Kielbasa sausage, Your butt cheeks is warm. I need to see nothin’ HEY!! Dianetics June your much better indeed. Would all the ladies in the house say Yeah!

Put your middle finger up, fuck you bitch! We do not have any tags for Kielbasa lyrics. Tenacious D — Kielbasa. Seven of the tracks on the album are comedy skits: