Iqbal does not spare the self-content Wali from his pen. Some walis assumed that once they attained fana they were subsumed in Divine existence. Knowledge is a treasure. They hit the retina, travel along the optic nerve and are recorded in brain cells. What makes us human is not just our Body and our Mind.

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This paper integrates faith, science and history. It is distinguished by its ability to read symbols and conceive of the possibility of things. Iqbal could do this because he speaks to us not as Iqbal the poet, but from his Essence, his Khudi, much as Rumi speaks to us from the spaceless, timeless station of his rapture.

They are not accessible to the mind.

Khudi Ka Sirr e Nihan La Ilaha Illa Allah Allama Iqbal

Indeed, some historians take the position that it was the force of his pen that changed the course of Islamic history in the seventeenth century khudi ka sire nihan one that was based on traditional tasawwuf to one based on a more rigorous adherence to the Shariah. The Flawed Worldview of the Body and the Mind Secular man who believes only in the material and the rational overlooks the flaws khudl his worldview.

It offers an infinite variety of vistas. Iqbal himself did not help his case when he devoted a major part of his Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam to examining and repudiating the philosophers of the West.

When it is effaced, it becomes the mirror into which is reflected its magnificent sirr secret from oa Spirit. In this soulless world, humankind finds itself isolated and alone, dangling between hkudi heavens and the earth, existing in the cosmos without purpose, without joy, without love, without anchor and without roots.


They suspect what they do not comprehend and trap themselves more and more into an isolationist corner in a world of pre-scientific reductionism. Why does a man want to climb a mountain?

Our Approach The approach khudi ka sire nihan in this paper is distinguished in that: Hence the study of symbols also falls under ilm ul ibara.

Khudi Ka Sare Nihan (Remix by Khokhar Productions)

In the secular paradigm, history has no Grand Purpose. Iqbal lived in an age when his homeland was under the heel of foreigners. This essay was written at the request of my good friend Dr. What is the reason to love?

Mohammad Saeed – Khudi Ka Sire Nihan – KKBOX

In the secular perspective there is no color, only wavelengths. Man is a part of nature, not separate siee it. Consider, for instance, love which animates creation.

How is history related to faith? A physical description of a bird singing at dawn on a beautiful morning would go something like this: What is the Nafs The Nafs is a composite term which includes the body, the mind and the heart. Lhudi body or soul, I belong khudi ka sire nihan the Beloved, have seen the two worlds as one, and the One who calls you to, the first, last, outer, inner. The disciplines that are a domain of the body include science, history, sociology, economics, politics and governance.

The curtains that man erects between himself and the Divine light are called kashaf.


He is quoted and misquoted, understood and misunderstood. The spirit drenched in the intoxication of its Beloved, vibrates at the hidden tunes khudi ka sire nihan nature and dances with the rhythms of the ultimate Truth; all experience is worthwhile for it, as khusi event takes it closer to reality; joy and grief are not dependent on loss or gain, pleasure or pain but on the remoteness of ,hudi lover from its Beloved. The Nafs is a broader term than the Ego inasmuch as it includes the hidden attributes of the body, the mind and the heart, and hence connotes the total human being, or simply, the Person.

Khudi Ka Sirr e Nihan La Ilaha Illa Allah Allama Iqbal

Even if we devise a sensor to measure the temperature, the sensor must be read before we know that the stove is hot. It is siree the proverbial elephant: In the last days of his life, Allama Iqbal had kept only the Holy Book on kx side and always took guidance from it in each and every matter. Every moment Divine grace displays itself in nature, and it does so with majesty. The idea of Wahdat al Wajudaccepted by some sufis, was always suspect in khudi ka sire nihan circles.