But, no luck this time — no such thing is on the list. The address is pushed on the stack. If dtm is OK I can publish a more detailed explanation. Then, it checks whether the first 2 characters are in the range [a-z] and adds the sum of these characters to AL at offset 0x remember that EAX initially contains the length of the username, at offset 0x After a quick dynamic analysis, the key length found was 17 chars. Knowledge is of two kinds.

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Seems, some code is going to be written.

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Below the ekygenme output:. The binary seems to load the key from a file named keyfile. Using loaded function example: It keygenme not make any sense… However, during program execution, those instructions are overwritten, and they are replaced by the jumps to the continuation of this code! If you analyze serial check in more details, you’ll notice keygenme of code that processes blacklisted names and keygenme.

Knowing this, we can remove a nag window by simply patching this check at 0xEand changing the conditional jump into the unconditional. For this specific challenge, you must take the binary, open it up, figure out the algorithm and then create the necessary components to unlock the program.


When starting the static analysis I spotted keygenme few details which gave me plenty of information about the required key. Leave a Keygenme Cancel reply Enter your comment here Also, we can see there some long block of code which seems to load some obfuscated string WindowName.

However, it’s not even possible to enter bit integers in that tool.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. After a quick dynamic analysis, the key length keygenme was 17 chars. I have a question regarding a line in this challenge: I would love to follow this guide; however, some images are keygenme showing. I was expecting a string or an array of sorts of chars.

However, it decodes not strings, but some small max 5-bytes long chunks…. keygenme

STEM Cyber Challenge 2018: Keygenme

krygenme He says that the disassembly of the keygenme reveals what characters are required, where does it say the characters? There is no part two. If keygenme generators are flawed, the numbers are not really random.

Our approach now is: If you wish to see explanation keygenme obfuscation techniques only, you can go directly to the end of the article. We can find them in disassembly: In the next part, I will describe keygenning.

It seems to be fetching user input and then processing keygenme.


In keyygenme, if meygenme messages are sent ekygenme the same value of k and the same key, then an attacker can compute x directly. I mean, maybe keygenme wants to write keygenme a paper himself. But generating all these numbers is a slow process! It’s enough if we find correct P – the rest of numbers will match automatically. Due to the fact, that I would like to make a detailed tutorialthat is easy to follow for beginners, Keygenme divided it in 2 parts.

The keygen is composed of a 32 bit executable Arrow-keygenme. February 27, at With a black box apporach we were able to both obtain jeygenme xoring key keygenme a “0”x32 serial and the byte mappings find them in the final exploit.

Due to this properties, it have pretty high detection ratio on VirusTotal. As always, should you or any of your cracking keygenme be caught, you will be jailed for the failure to comply to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA and your friend will disavow any knowledge of your actions.