Many of the smaller, less well known, remedies have been included and this helps to bring them into use. Despite the central role of the repertory in homeopathy, there have been virtually no resources available to instruct the student of homeopathy in the use, understanding, and methods of the repertory. The new rubrics are especially helpful, usually being small and therefore highlighting the strange, rare and peculiar. Whereas all the guiding symptoms we need are available in the materia medicas, without easy access to this information, it is difficult, if not impossible, to use these books alone to prescribe. Dockx give a valuable introduction to how best use Kent’s Repertory, with many additions, cross-references, and explanations. This can be appreciated through the observance of remedies in one rubric which are absent it from similar rubrics.

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In addition to their homeopathic practices, they have spent years gathering knowledge and insights from a wide variety of sources, including Pascero, Barthel, Vithoulkas, Kunzli and others. The book well elucidates the most important section of the Kent’s repertory which is the Mind section. The first presentation of this material was in a seminar series to homeopaths in Belgium.

It also helps to point out minor, yet important, differences between remedies. Lieber Besucher, sie scheinen uns aus der Schweiz zu besuchen. Understanding the language of the repertory is the most important aspect of its use.

Kent’s Comparative Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica – Google Libros

This book has been written with materiaa purpose of helping you to overcome as many of the above mentioned problems as possible by studying the Repertory of Kent page-by-page, rubric by rubric, and wherever possible, remedy-by-remedy.


Kent’s repertory is one of the most acceptable repertories amongst the homoeopathic fraternity. Homoeipathic all found the information extremely valuable, but even more outstanding was compatative entertaining, engaging, and fascinating presentation of material that, in another context, could be difficult to study. Repertiry Comparison Go to login page Close.

Doctors Kokelenberg and Dockx have, by many years of educative instructions as well as by continuous training all over the world, obtained a treasure of information. In stock Regular Price: The vast amount of knowledge contained in the volumes of materia medica offers us the ability to cure, but not without the Herculean task of learning, comprehending and utilizing that wealth of knowledge.

The format was an intensive and thorough review of the repertory, including rubric definitions, additions, materia medica with differential diagnoses, and cross references, proceeding page by page, rubric by rubric.

The book, originally in Flemish, is the master work of two of Belgium’s finest homeopaths. This has the advantage of allowing a thorough study of the information, including time to enter additions and cross references, before the next installment arrives.

For example “Carried, over the shoulder, desires to be” is a more specific for Cina that other remedies which want to be carried.

Kent`s Comparative Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica

The book is easy to read and much of the humor and entertaining style of presentation that so distinguished their seminar is present in the book. In order to overcome this problem one should be able to understand exactly the meaning of each rubric, the rubrics should be as reertory as possible, all the additional rubrics and remedies and cross-references by a variety of reliable authors should be known.


Repertories have been a natural out-growth of the Materia Medica and were developed to organize the vast amount of information. Occasionally a rubric is defined by siniply restating it, however, that is the exception and seems to occur only when the definition is very obvious and really needed no further explanation. Translation into French, German, and now English have been ongoing over the past year. For example, the difference between “bashful” and “timidity”.

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New Rubrics and Additions, and 4. Hmoeopathic must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Be the first to review this product. There are a number of additions and all have been clinically observed and come from reliable sources such as Barthel or Vithoulkas. Please turn on Javascript.


Shopping Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. New Rubrics and Additions. The transcripts of the original seminar were compiled and edited to produce the first edition of the Kent’s Comparative Repertory, approximately pages!!

The most fre-quent comment was that Drs. The book includes many, many cross references which are extremely helpful. This book can be regarded as the “instruction manual” for Kent’s Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica.