Also please make a screenshot of your network parameters. There are 2 options – emus and swapemus. In it is installed AAF hot summer image. Please check all IP addresses and the MAC address and write back correct values to the box if necessary. D But yes, you can unplug the stick, if you want This is my MAC: If everything works fine the image will be loaded from the stick and the flash procedure will start after a few seconds.

kathrein ufs 910 oscam

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oscam config

Beginning with TitanNit 1. Again I have to say please follow my adviseries and upload 1. Ping to server IP PC falied,please check your network.

kathrein ufs 910 oscam

I have a orginal Kathrein ufs si. Can someone help me please. So you can use every network cable, it doesn’t matter if you are using a patch or crossover cable.

oscam config – Kathrein UFS Chat

Jathrein want to install TitaNit v. But first we need a complete overview to avoid duplicate IP addresses. Hi, when I start the movie in Media center it plays but subtitle is not showing. Kathrein ufs si hd – TitanNit.


Hi masaj, Please follow my advisery: When I turn on katy on the display it says – boot. We will check your network settings and try to uts the problem. How much Kathrein cost in Germany?


But one question to be on the akthrein side: I installed Oscam directly from Titanit panel, and now I don’t know how to delete from the box. I started the program as administrator, with anti virus turned off and disabled firewall.

kathrein ufs 910 oscam

Now connect the stick to the front USB port, power on the box with the main power switch and press and hold the Record-Button on your remote control until you see “miniFLASH jathrein in the display. Thank you very much for your effort and for helping me. Perhaps you can upload a screenshot of the ART after reading all values from the Please check with google translator: And which version of Oscam should I download from emus, or swapemus?

Because if not, the reason of your problem is that all network functions are disabled! After finishing, you have to install the new boot loader “MiniUBoot” the mini1. Do you have a router connected to the internet?


TitanNit on UFS please help [Archiv] – AAF Digital HD Forum

TitanNit on UFS please help. Here are the StepbyStep-instruction http: How is the connection between your componets?

So please refer to the step “3. Current version of the SCLE is 4.

Kathrein TitanNit Firmware Upgrade http: And to be sure: And another thing, is kathrsin possible to watch movies from computer trough the wire lan on Kathi. Alternatively you could load a complete channel list, e.

After installing the license key all network functions, the Internet connectivity and all mediathek content are fully enabled. Kathi is connected to the router and PC also connected to the router, Kathi and PC connected oscan serial connection, right?

You can check the current ebay prices.