Manwaring , September 3rd, Also, the guitar riffs are quite simple, but bring to the songs this dusky atmosphere that I really enjoy about Katatonia. Relention is another excellent track, the lyrics are simple and repetitive, but emphasizes on the despair: The lyrics are beautiful, and with compliments given by the vocals just adds a most overwhelming atmosphere. But the Master makes use of it, embracing his aloneness, realizing he is one with the whole universe Lao Tzu.

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The doomy groove, hypnotic guitars and sheer feeling.

CobiWan Secundum Filium Posts: One could say that Katatonia have reverted to “a more mainstream sound” or have turned into a pop band. I Break Jonas Renkse.

Songs are far from being exceptionally slow by doom standards, but the problem is, it is NOT doom metal, it is rock, and obviously this album is still too slow by rock standards, what makes it extremely sleep-inducing. On the other hand, it’s great mood music for any state of fragility, despair, or tiredness.

KATATONIA Discouraged Ones(Vinyl) – Peaceville

Mexico You katatonia discouraged ones described the whole feeling of the album. ShredJune 26th, Katatpnia guitars sound is if they are tuned to standard instead of drop ‘D’ and the songs have more conventional structures. The key aspects of the sound katatonia discouraged ones are the thickly layered guitars, which are distorted but somewhat pushed back in the mix, and the huge, reverberating drumbeats, which are almost uniformly played in a slow-to-medium tempo and seem purposely simplistic.


I Break and Last Resort are also good tracks from the album, but every song sounds very similar, so the lyrics are what make the songs stand out more than others. Discouraged Ones is often cited as a bit of a mixed bag of an album.

Discouraged Ones

Just got dumped by your significant other? In a way, this minimalism weights both in favor of DO and against it.

I can’t even imagine what a didcouraged this change of sound must have katatonia discouraged ones back in It’ll make you feel a bit better Katatonia have seemingly transformed into a minimalistic and simplistic band. These elements cause the songs to sound overly similar on the first few spins; however, with subsequent listens, the melodies begin to peek through the fog, and the album as a whole takes on an almost hypnotic, dreamlike feel, something reinforced by the ever-steady beats.

At this Discouraged Ones succeeds. TaliesinNovember 29th, discourraged My general discoyraged of the album is good, though it is slightly overshadowed by the mood of many of the songs. Its one of my favourites from Katatonia Mediocrity is one thing, but this is the king of them all when it comes to writing songs for the sake of writing songs.

This album shows the band loosing the last of their Doomdeath style opting for a straight forward and highly original Doom Metal katatoina. Turkey Never and ever, no band can ever make an album like this even Katatonia Discouraged Ones disccouraged is a continuation of the style set up by Brave Murder Day except with shorter song structures and an all clean vocal performance.


They know exactly where they come from. If this record had been written using the song structures of their katatonia discouraged ones record, Brave Murder Day, it’d be completely unlistenable. Streams Videos All Posts.

Discouraged Ones – Katatonia | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

All the instruments sort of meld together to form a solid backbone. However, the growls, double bass drumming and heavier riffing are completely eliminated from the music, and are instead replaced by clean, melancholic but still dense and distorted guitar lines, and heartfelt sung vocals, not unlike the ones of The Cure’s Robert Smith. The following Katatonia discouraged ones and its soft but beautiful chorus is half-decent, the rest is simply insignificant rock filling not even redeemed by the short keyboard-driven atmospheric instrumental interlude.

The atmosphere throughout is haunting. Many of his vocals lines are actually addictive, making the spectacular moments on this album even better, and his voice actually seems to quiver with the more dramatic lyrics. Jonas had taken some singing lessons, and claimed he had no more growls left in him although he’ll muster up Murder for an encore if you katatonia discouraged ones them live.