Either devote yourself to Sufism, or sing completely opposite. But they never called me again. Well, my first song in the school was Tera sanja koi na vairi aina pyar vadhaunda jaa, hindu muslim sikh isai sab nu gale lagaunda jaa. I still go to Dragahs and sing. Kanwar Grewal Jul 17, 4: One should not have double standards. Then I sang the same song there.

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Sain Zahoor Sahib from Pakistan sang a song Allah hoo, and one of my friends called me from Australia and nakodae me about this song. But I started singing those songs when it was destined indeed. Tell me is it Kirat?

Kanwar Grewal Live | Speaking About Nakodar Murad Shah Dera

How is your bebe different from your mother who gave you birth? Greets hundreds of fans outside Mannat on 53rd birthday. Who grrewal you like the most? But since the time I kanwaf met Bebe, my goals have changed. One should not have double standards.

Copyright All rights reserved Contact Us. How do you define a vulgar song? Life is a race and we all are running but, we have to meet the ones from whom we got separated.


You have taken full advantage of these Dargahs to become what you are today. Jul 17, 4: Only singing will not take me there. Have a glimpse of star-studded Dhadak movie grand premiere in Mumbai. You may also like Punjabi actresses who were trolled on social media. I know what life is but I always fail practically. I have sung at stages kanwar grewal nakodar mela 2013 nakodwr tasted success.

In one of your videos you were seen speaking against the drug culture at these Dargahs? No, my mother who gave me birth lives in our ancestral village Mehma Savai in grrwal Bathinda.

What is your take on that?

Here are some excerpts from the interview:. I have a different game to play.

Nakodar Mela – Kanwar Grewal Kanwar Grewal Video | Punjabi Video |

We have a motive and we have to reach somewhere. To reach there, I will have to leave all this. Many other teachers along with him asked me to sing meaningful songs. Here are some excerpts from the interview: It will eventually push me back. Few Pollywood actresses who are non Punjabi. No, when I went there for the first time, I said that let the baba Laddi Shah smoke, but youngsters must not follow him.


Nakodar Mela 2013 – Kanwar Grewal Kanwar Grewal Video

But they never called me again. The lyrics of the songs were not good. Lets us start with your childhood. This is how India is celebrating Halloween! Not only this, he has made it way bigger on the biggest platforms of the world including Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I sang for three to four hours continuously.