Holy men have considered and decided regarding the slanderer. Angels and men are reciting Your name happily. He took keen interest in the further development of Birh Place Temple of Guru Ravidass, at Seer Goverdhanpur, Varanasi and got constructed a four storey building and purchased land for the convenience of the pilgrims. In them Your servant is not absorbed. I am totally absorbed in you. Lust, wrath, worldly love, pride and jealously — these five combined sins are plundering the world.

kalali speech song mp3

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Now You grant me supreme bliss at last. Lord of the Earth!! Similarly it is not known who was declared the custodian of his hymns. I do hope that the readers will definitely take benefit of this English translation of holy Amritbani of Guru Ravidass.

Holy men have considered and decided regarding the slanderer. False affection and attachment have attracted me. It is a fact that you cannot achieve salvation without worship.

Therefore, O man, remember the name of God. There is no other Lord like You, O God! My mind is not stable; it is performing numerous worldly activities and wandering hither and thither in the world. This method of learning is elaborately discussed in his hymns.


mo3 How can a chakor live without seeing the moon, O God! You are the great Lord of the world and we are sensualists of the Kalyug. Wherever I go I perform Your service.

Similarly another book of poetry composed by Arsh, Harfan se Sanvaidnan, has been declared the best book of the year Let me see Your fascinating face. The Creator is concealing Himself in the state of spiritual calm and absolute silence. I am totally absorbed in you.

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Ravidass says O God! Angels and men are reciting Your name happily.

kalali speech song mp3

When the waste water coming out from the streets mingles with the pure water of the Ganges, then it becomes the holy water of the Ganges. As the fourth Gaddi-Nashin of the Dera, Sant Garib Dass made strenuous kalail to involve the younger generation in his mission to spread the teachings of Guru Ravidass. The five evil passions have corrupted my heart and have raised a barrier between You and me.

The god of death i.

kalali speech song mp3

But you have not so far renounced the lust. My caste is low, my lineage is low, and low is my profession. Therefore under these circumstances, the community kitchen which was running earlier at the residence of Guru Ravidass, was started at a bigger scale.

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He, who has given you life, will provide sustenance. The swan of soul of your body is a very playful bird. When Gaddi-Nashin of Dera, Saint Niranjan Dass recovered from the wounds of bullets and regained sound health, under his guidance, Sant Surinder Dass Bawa and other learned dignitaries of the world, especially linked with Dera began brain storming sessions about this situation in order to provide a separate identity to the disciples of Guru Ravidass and other peace loving people.


Dev Bhardwaj for lending a helping hand in reading the text, proof-reading and bringing out this book. Which is the true name to remember? Now I dedicate this birth to You. A man cannot understand worship, till he speaks proudly, because under the influence of pride, he sings his own praise. Later on Mata Lona, the wife of Guru Ravidass joined her mother-in-law in this noble cause.

He will be absorbed in God.