It was a lot of work but Madonna was the one who worked the most. How crazy is that? The major part of the songs we play with Kalakan are old basque songs. The Virgin unfolds gradually and we discover all the important phases of her life, mostly from a spiritual point of view. Can you tell us more about how you met Madonna in Guethary in ? Can you describe how Kalakan is a reflection of your roots, your language and your experience with the band? Actually, the band members love their mother tongue and its musicality.

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How do you relate the poem to the Kalakan universe? The calendar is updated continually as information becomes available.

The Kalakan Trio is on Tour!

kalakan trio They are arriving Thursday and will give a workshop for young accordionists, part of the Txantxangorriak group in Boise. We perform with them since and we are good friends. Kalakan album [3] was recorded at Laguna Records in Biarritz and mixed at studio Tiro in Paris by producer David Chalmin during autumn They introduced us Madonna during her birthday kalakan trio. Retrieved from ” https: That music is not restricted to specialists, it belongs to everyone.


What does “Sagarra Jo” trioo to you? Another interesting tidbit about the group is their connection to Madonna. We really loved your collaboration with Madonna and we wonder how it happened you both met?

Basque Cultural Day to center on Mythology and Spirituality. Kalakan trio asked him to do these kinds of drums because we knew the sound we wanted to get. This sound of labour is also one of the roots of the txalaparta, the percussion we play during the show.

Kalakan trio – Euskal Kazeta

You sing in a couple of songs during the show. Kalakann Galore at the Chino Basque Festival We didn’t expect we would participate so much in the show and kalakan trio were very happy to have troi possibility. This is in many ways due to the heavy use of Basque instruments that can be heard in all of kalakan trio songs.

Also which part of the show you like the most? Katia and Marielle became our godmothers. Our interview with Basque musicians.

Kalakan trio to play concerts on the West Coast – Euskal Kazeta

kalkan We had a very good time there. They give us many advices, support us and help us a lot. But, we do also our promotion and try to take care of the new Kalakan fans.


kalakwn This page was last edited on 8 Augustat Did you come up with own ideas to integrate in the show? Kalakab voices are kalakan trio and beautifully blended, and their instruments fit right in without overpowering.

Seven of Top Restaurants in the World are Basque. We tried to incorporate our music as much as possible in the show. Kalakan trio playing at the Chino Basque Club. All these traditional instruments are being played in the Basque country nowadays.

We also feel it that way because Basque people have also many prejudices. During the show rehearsals from March to Kalakan trio, Kalakan proposed different arrangements of Madonna’s hits and some traditional basque songs. On the contrary – what was the hardest part?

Euskal Kazeta

In EuskaraKalakan means “chatting”. We work with Katia and Marielle Labeque who are worldwide known.

Interview with Basque Trio Kalakan: