Bala is a tennis champion and Sheela claims to be his fan. Jayalalithaa was cast as Vimala, unlike the play where the same character was only referenced without being physically portrayed; the film was the only collaboration between Balachander. This breach of trust breaks Bhanu which eventually leads to her death. Poova Thalaiya is a Tamil language comedy film directed by K. TMS sang two songs for the film Chella Pillai. When she tells that she has only two children, Sita lets the other three kids out of the locked room. The film had musical score by V.

kaathoduthaan naan paaduven velli vizha 1972

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Kasi under Manohar Pictures. RadhaK R Ramaswami, T.

Kaaathoduthaan Naan Song – Download Velli Vizha Song Online Only on JioSaavn

Sita sees this, she decides to hide her spectacles, so that Bama wouldn’t guess her age too; when Bama arrives, she goes to Sita’s portion first. Krishnan, a medical representative is married to Rukmini. The film revolves around how it brings about a change in Parvathamma’s beliefs.

kaathoduthaan naan paaduven velli vizha 1972

Balachander who also wrote the story and dialogue. Kaaviya Thalaivi is a Tamil language film, directed by K. V S Raghavan started his velli inas a sub-editor for Malathi magazine run by humourist Thumilan, after it closed he joined a printing press. It was filmed in Telugu as Bhale Kodalluwith a different cast. Each hopes and wishes that her husband vleli not the culprit, but to each the evidence seems to point to him only.


Kaathoduthaan Naan Paaduven Lyrics

YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California. Vaali was an Indian poet and lyricist whose works were in Tamil, had a five-decade long association with the Tamil film industry, wrote over 15, songs.

kaathoduthaan naan paaduven velli vizha 1972

A movie star moves into the neighbourhood where a joint family of three husbands and their wives kaathdouthaan, her presence sends the wives into a spending spree as they buy radios and fancy goods to keep up with their glamorous neighbour, while accusing their husbands of being too close to the star.

Retrieved 27 October In the same year, G.

They go to the extent of hiring a male servant to stay in the house. Balachander and produced by B. Muthuraman as Srikanth A.

Kaathoduthaan Naan – VELLI VIZHA () – video dailymotion

Bama thinks that the kids are orphans, Parvathi, who does not know English, agrees that the kids are orphans. The film stars Chandra Mohan, S. Meiyappan decided to produce the play in Tamil under his banner AVM Productions with the same title, Balachander was chosen as director.

In the meantime, Sathya’s kidneys are affected and kaathoduthasn of his friends walk away when the doctor asks them of any of them would donate their kidneys for their friend. Balachander and produced by B.

Vizua as Mandiramoorthi V.

Ramchandra had two duets by TMS and M. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


kaathoduthaan naan paaduven velli vizha 1972

Rajan and Mandiramoorthi succumb to corrupt lifestyles while Sathya vows to remain a righteous person, he meets a young women Kanchanaseduced, raped and abandoned by a playboy. The film music was composed by R. The film had musical score by V. Govindarajan’s troupe Ragini Recreations, this time in Tamil and with the title Major Chandrakanth due to the limited scope for English plays in Madras; this play earned critical acclaim, was staged over a hundred times.

Soundscore was composed by V. He learned Carnatic music from Arayakkudi Rajamani Iyer and started giving stage concerts at the age of 23, his first Carnatic musical concert was at SathGuru Samajam, Madurai in with violinist C.

Kaathoduthaan Naan – VELLI VIZHA (1972)

Manorama at Cinema Journalist Association Event. Rani sing for Kalyani. The father tries in vain to make everyone understand that they should live for themselves within their means, they get all the things for the house — a few for rent, a few for instalment, borrow money with a high kaathodutuaan rate. Arangakannal, had musical score by M.