Memory size set to 0 due to programmer probing problem 1. I hope this helps you further. Forums Posts Latest Posts. But included in the kit is a CD containing all the software and manuals needed how to write applications and put that into a PIC. HEX file was not closed after reading 0. Harry There is no stupid question, only answers. Set MCLR pin after programming finished, so that downloaded program can be executed.

k8048 software

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Error while loading portio. I just bought the K a couple of weeks ago so I’m just a little ahead of you. Maybe you have to build your own ICSP cable to your application.

Changed autodetection algorithm because some devices of different chip families have the same device ID e. Improved accuracy of microseconds delays PICPgm now uses Windows PerformaceCounter for programming delays instead of inaccurate delay loops. I thought I recognised that number Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64 1. On the disc as well as the programming software are a few datasheets of various devices and a number of example programs.

k8048 software

With the kit comes the programming software in a form of a disc. Velleman kit, hmm, I bought and subsequently returned this as it did not work with my Dell D laptop – some laptops, ofcourse mine was one of those [: Reported programming success in case of verify errors 0.


User Control Panel Kk8048 out.

Changed dataout enable pin behavior, dataout enable pin stays low during data read instead of switching for every bit read only affects programmers which use dataeout enable, e. HEX file was not closed after reading 0.

Velleman PIC Programmer and Experiment Board Kit K

When it’s programmed, flick the switch to ‘run’. I had no problem in understanding the Example programs, after a short read. This is now mentioned ONCE on the Velleman site, but wasn’t mentioned at all on the site I actually bought the kit from.

k8048 software

Also, although my velleman programmer is now redundant. Downloads If you like PICPgm and want to support the further development, feel free to make a small donation. But its all in the manual. This you must purchase this separately. Configuration memory was not written to HEX file properly 1.

Velleman Kits & Projects

Added configuration for Willem 3 Programmer all DIP switches on programmer have to be off on the programmer. Changed Blank Check to stop on first non-blank memory location instead of reading the whole memory.

If you read the description on the Velleman website you can see that the includes all three things, a demoboard, that same board can be used as a programmer by flipping a switch and the software to program a PIC.


The Velleman programmer was my first ever experience with microcontrollers and used it without problems for well over a year. k8408

Download 32 bit Download 64 bit. PICPgm USB programmer pins 6 and 7 can be assigned to programming pins earlier this pins where reserved for internal synchronizing purposes.

k8048 software

It will be very helpful. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile.

programmong with K8048 kit

Harry There is no stupid question, only answers. Forums Posts Latest Posts. A RS straight through cable, pin one to pin one and so on. HEX file not loaded due to lower case letters in HEX file lower case letters where interpreted as illegal characters 2. Configuration memory was not sofgware to HEX file properly 2.