Born and bred in Napoli, aka Naples, the third largest city in Italy, Joseph credits the city with being the main reason why he does what he does today. It is the most important thing in my life. DJ , Record producer. The Drumcode showcase last summer was my first time at Club Lehmann but I had heard a lot about it from Alan Fitzpatrick who told me he loves playing there and that the club and the crowd are amongst the very best on the circuit. Of course I enjoy watching games sometimes, especially when Italy plays in the World Cup or European Championship and I am with all my friends it is a great occasion that anyone can enjoy but I do not have the passion for the game to be a regular follower of a team. For me this is very important. It is always a pleasure to speak to Partysan so it is no problem for me to find some time away from the studio to answer your questions.

joseph capriati self portrait

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Even talking about it all now it still feels like a dream.

joseph capriati self portrait

I should also mention releasing studio collaborations with two of my all time favorite producers — Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch — as this too was a really great moment for me ioseph You are actually working on capgiati next album which is scheduled to be released in spring. I am very grateful to those guys for showing such passion towards me and I look forward to seeing them again at my next gigs.

It is very emotional for me to see something growing in Ibiza. What may your fans expect?

Adam Beyer – Releases: Self Portrait Remixes

When did you know that the time is ripe to produce a new album? This global popularity is testament to the focus, preparation and energy that Joseph pours into every gig, in spite of an increasingly hectic touring schedule that saw Capriati complete over appearances in 25 countries during Whether it be in Italy or in Holland or in Spain there are always groups of people from Napoli.


His documentary film gives glimpses as to how Joseph first got into music and where he used to breakdance in Naples with pals.

It seems you like to play long sets, especially in Napoli.

Joseph Capriati. Self Portrait. Tour Visuals

I wanted to do something special there for a long time but recently when I have played in Napoli which has not been very often I have played at an amazing outdoor venue called Porttrait River Park or at clubs like Golden Gate for Drumcode events. What followed was an explosion in profile at home and abroad.

joseph capriati self portrait

Of course I enjoy watching games sometimes, especially when Italy plays in the World Cup or European Championship caprriati I am with all my friends it is a great occasion that anyone can enjoy but I do not have the passion for the game to be a regular follower of a team. I could tell you a very long list of parties that have left a big impression on me this year but to keep it to a few really special moments I would have to say that the biggest highlight for me was seeing the reaction to me set at Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam which was selt amazing.

Of course you will do a album tour too.

joseph capriati self portrait

As I explained, it has been a few years since my last album and I feel that I now have built up enough inspiration to be able to confidently collect together ten or twelve tracks that I am happy to call an album.

Everywhere I go I see a lot of the same faces with caprlati Italy flags, always right at the front of the crowd, always there from the start until the very seof, always dancing and going crazy. As for the long set, well, I love to take people on a journey with the music seelf expect to hear everything and come prepared for a long night. Josepb about to release his second artist album, capraiti Portrait’, on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label, having put out his first on Analytic Trail, and this and its accompanying ‘Autoritratto’ documentary sets the seal on a great year for Joseph.

To have that energy coming back at you is something that I cannot describe in words. His real name is Guiseppe Capriati, but he decided to use the English version as it was easier for people to remember.


A naturally charismatic DJ with a back catalogue of standout productions, Joseph is an instinctive performer with a capgiati enthusiasm for entertaining. How would you describe the city in only 5 words? Typically playing an open-to-close set, these parties see Joseph playing anywhere from seven to twelve or more hour long sets.

Can you already tell us a bit about the it? For me this is very important. Those guys made me feel very much at home and it was a real pleasure to come back to Ibiza for each party. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

My life has changed a lot with that of course too and with this comes different feelings and emotions and inspiration. The gig you have heard about in Napoli will happen in February at a famous club called Metropolis.

It was a lot of fun to remix a real underground classic and very rewarding to see so koseph people play the remix, especially guys like Dave Clarke who would have also played the original.


He was already a fan of house music when he went to his first techno party near his home at an open air venue called Old River Park. A couple of weeks ago you played Adam Bayer in Roma. Well, as it is the first date on the tour they will be pretty much the first koseph to hear all the tracks from my upcoming album so that will be really interesting for me and hopefully exciting for my fans too. Since then, Capriti has been a regular at both Drumcode events worldwide and on the label side.