Retrieved 18 March This edition had the original collection of tracks, but “Infantry” was made the album’s closing track, as had been the original intent. This is a transition period for Siouxise and the Banshees. CD Siouxsie and the Banshees. Severin later remarked, “Is there another band that that’s happened to?

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Join Hands is the second studio album by British rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees. Initially, the group wanted to release an album cover using an edited image from a Holy Communion card, showing children joining hands.

It was recorded in teh take; after every session in the first week, they put down a version of “The Lord’s Prayer”. Oh and there is the premature burial that comes straight from the grave. The theme of war emerged through the songs: The album’s references to poppies represented the idea of “loss, of flesh and blood and hopelessness”. Beginning the second side, “Playground Twist” is a “swirling mass of flanged guitars” with church bells; [10] it includes a nursery rhyme section.

Lamacq rated it 8 out of 10, though he said that the version of “The Lord’s Prayer” was “out of place”.

Join Hands took the topic of the First World War as its inspiration. FullOfSounds June 8th Comments. This edition had the original collection of tracks, but “Infantry” was made the album’s closing track, as had been the original intent.


Discography: Siouxsie Sioux: Join Hands

I’ll give Kaleidoscope a listen soon. Polydor POLD The funereal follow-up, Join Handsinspired a host of gothic impersonators, none of whom jjoin the banshees’ run of singles, [ Archived from the original on 22 January Stevenson suggested an alternative cover.

I’d imagine The Lord’s Prayer was a fantastic live thing that didn’t translate well to a recorded album format. Views Read Edit View history. Still an interesting listen. Join Hands was different from Bnshees Scream ; it was darker, [16] more experimental, less abrasive, [3] with a new “claustrophobic” mood.

Siouxsir there’s a clarity which frames Sue’s voice like it was a thing of treasure”. The battle, in this case, would be The Regal Zone in which a saxophone and a tambourine get healthy use. CD Siouxsie and the Banshees. AllMusic’s David Cleary commented that “some of [ Join Hands ‘] selections appear to strongly anticipate the work of Joy Division ‘s second album, Closerespecially ‘Placebo Effect’, whose guitar sound was a clear inspiration for that of the Manchester band’s song ‘Colony’.

This side of the Banshees emerged on ‘s Join Hands with “Icon” and the protracted ‘cover version’ of “The Lords Prayer” — songs that etched the template for goth as a modern pagan cult tapping into atavistic pre-Christian urges. Login Create a Profile. Upon release, the album was well received by reviewers. Think about it as a post-Scream EP.


Join Hands – Wikipedia

Severin later remarked, “Is there siouxsi band that that’s happened to? Retrieved 1 July The Singles Twice Upon a Time: FullOfSounds April 1st Comments. As a result, the music feels more volatile, angrier, and tense.

Few songs are ok, but others just suck for me. Second albums are often about expansion, getting hold of the good ideas of a debut and making them bigger while fixing the things that marred the first attempt and keeping a hand on experimentation. Musically, it is darker than the band’s debut album The Scream: It’s nice isn’t it?