They performed this song in colorful outfits. They talked about Senior at school I kinda forgot what was it about. Lidya-Noella Center -Yona When the intro sounded, I opened my eyes widely I expected hot gurllssss lol but unfortunately there were only Lidya and Yona in the first verse of the song. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But in this song I paid attention to Naomi a lot. Submit a post Single A Theme:: If you want to know why, you better watch it your self.

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Nabilah and Melody 5 Nov, How was the show? In this one, they did it better than the one before it. This is jo very first post on my blog.

Boku no Taiyou Shonichi by JKT48 Trainee – JKT48Stuff

Boku no Taiyou by Team J. I also often skip this song haha but well the lyric in Indonesian sounded quite sad and their expression helped this song to be so. Even better than AKB one. Feb 14, 3: Lay Down Encore time and aha! After 2 sessions of MC, they started their performance of Bingo! Haruka Nakagawa Graduation Announcement.


JKT48:Boku No Taiyou (2013)

Well the shonichi is full house. We’ve been notified that there’s been a crowdfunding project for Akicha’s Photobook which you can find here: Friday, May 17th was their Shonichi First Day for this new setlist. This special project, we have been nno it as a veryveryyyyy top secret! Team J Special Stage will still be held in the future.

Boku no Taiyou (JKT48 Single) | AKB48 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Same as Nat who was very cool as well. We have many shooting sessions, some went to Japan, theater DnT was still going on too. I enjoyed it very much. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This song is my most favorite in this setlist.

After the unit songs, the Himawari team did the MC. Forgot what they talked about but I was lol-ing hard again in this MC session hehe M Two Pioneers and Their Graduation: Thanks for coming today. The encore call was started by the audiences after waiting for about 2 minutes and after 3 minutes the JKT48 trainee started to perform Lay Down. I paid attention to Ikha more than Tata, she looked very pretty in Black hehe M Kinal, beautiful like Elsa.


Boku no Taiyou Shonichi by JKT48 Trainee

Like sometimes they make mistakes with their blocking, and for Yupi, maybe since this is the first time she has a center role for the setlist, it seems that she still needs to improve on being a center.

This site uses cookies. Such an impressive way to show gratitude. Help Us Stay Alive by Donating. Four group songs are performed: Kinal A blog of things related to our awesome captain of team J. Sonna Kono Taiuou They danced jkt48 boku no taiyou well. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: