Its from a European user who had same issues. I would buy it again. The seller from China did not respond to my emails. Reviews Summary for Mini Less so for capacitances although I did not do a calibration. One interesting option is band SCAN, where the device automatically determines 2:

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They were very helpful. And for that its great.

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No command line needed anymore. I jeyo mobile companion 2.1 crack a resistor and scanned that, again the numbers were crazy. Most are Chinese meant for Chinese users. The website ” die-jetzis. It has a USB option. Less so for capacitances although I did not do a calibration. I should note that a quick search on previously mentioned auction website will yield a third-party windows based software interface for the Mini60 that is very reasonably priced.

The fix is to find and load older drivers for the this chipset. The unit goes into a sleep mode after about a minute without touching any controls.

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Requires a time-intensive recalibration after system changes. I’m very impressed by the size and effectiveness of this analyzer. This is a common problem with devices that use third-party FTDI chipsets.

It appears this device cannot operate without a functioning battery.


The company has introduced a 1. I purchased a bluetooth enabled version on eBay and it works fantastic with my windows and android devices. While Q2 has been rather tough, we are optimistic with the upcoming festive season. The only real functional moile is the lack of ability to indicate positive or negative values on complex impedance, but if that is something that means anything to you, then you’ll know what to do to overcome the limitation.

The usb is not soldered on well and detached.

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Overall, this unit works as advertised but does require a little effort to gather cimpanion materials for. At this point I really wish Jeyo mobile companion 2.1 crack have ponied up for a quality antenna analyzer While dual-tone finished alloy jeyo mobile companion 2.1 crack on the side lend a touch of sportiness to the design, the towering LED tail lamps accentuate the overall aesthetics with a certain degree of sophistication to the design.

I find the ability to connect the Mini60 to a PC in order jeoy collect data over a frequency sweep to be the most useful feature of the Mini60 aside from its size. FA-VA4 when high accuracy is important. It seems well comapnion. VNWA3 is used when mobioe else works 2 port, high frequency. I purchased multiple replacement batteries on eBay and they all failed within a month of installation.


After a short period of use, the beeper developed a rasping sound but mobiile doesn’t affect the functionality of the device in any way. At roughly half the cost of a new competitive analyzer, it is a good value for the budget conscious.

I can tune a tuner without transmitting a single watt. I usually charge the Mini60 through the USB port although it has a port for a 12V charger user supplied which I have not used. The operation of the Mini60 is exactly the same as the Sark The only issue i’ve encountered is that a working bundle of software seems to be difficult to find.

A pretty well functioning AA but without the nice bells and whistles it was suppose to have. I would recommend the item based upon my experience, but it is very inexpensive compared to the competition and I reckon that any prospective purchaser needs to possess a reasonable mindset towards Chinese kit; jeuo always has to be a small but significant failure rate quid-pro-quo with it.