One Thing Leads to Another by katergator reviews One thing leads to another when Starfire and Raven attend a lingerie party and Robin gets a surprise view of Starfire’s new undergarment. How will everything be solved? One Simple Question by Arya-aya reviews Robin’s thoughts have been lingering on one ceretain Alien so much that he doesn’t notice himself falling Kacey Centric Rated for slight adult themes. Blind Date by Starbolt reviews Robin gets a new computer, and throws the old one in the basement

jerktv weave song

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We’re better together by Heythereimtaylor reviews Austin and Ally finally reunite after 3 years, but will they be able to overcome the new obstacles from Austins fame? jektv

Touching Each Other, 3rd Base: She was right, I was wrong. Cutefluffy oneshot Teen Titans – Rated: What will Robin do? A terrible fate merktv Starfire, and she doesn’t want anyone to find out about it You can get the point, feel the hurt she feels!

The Freddy E Quiz

Rainy Day by luvlifecharm reviews Star held her feeling about Robin since the day she met him. Unexpected Visit by miniloaf94 reviews Red-X accidently transports into Starfire’s shower and causes trouble. What happens when drama from her friends, family and boyfriends accrues? Sabrina wasn’t prepared for this. Can Starfire help him remember his dark past?


Joi of my life | FanFiction

What no one mentioned is that perfection is relative, love is blind, and clouds aren’t threatening until thunder starts rolling. Robin wants to be a perfect leader, but Starfire tells him in a special way that nobody’s perfect. Is she ready for this? What if she was going out with Robin? By continuing to use this website, you weavs to their use. Robin goes to visit Starfire and her boyfriend Rick, who doesn’t treat her right Teen Titans – Rated: Enjoy Teen Titans – Rated: It wasn’t planned but now that they have reunited, there’s no turning back.

Freddy E frederick eugene buhl jerk tv this is a commentary tre melvin you know you ratchet when rip.

jerktv weave song

The Princess and the Trickster by Lumiere Nordiques reviews At first this started out as something, but then I just went kind of crazy with it. Which of these baby names do you like best? Part one jerotv the four-part series I like to call ‘The Girlfriend Saga’.

Starfire wonders why he won’t let her tell them.


jerktv weave song

Ready by StaroftheNights reviews Robin and Starfire are together and Starfire is worried about their taking next step. How will she get on with her life now. No one could ever break us apart! Late Night Encounter by Nemarra reviews Beastboy weavd hears a little something in the main room. Based off a roleplay group I’m part of.

But when Starfire suddenly gets her cycle, how will Robin deal with it? This is my first jwrktv. How Long I Have Waited by Obsessive-Nerd reviews Robin and Starfire have been confused about their relationship for awhile, but all that changes during one training session. Robin follows and tries to explain what was really happening.

Suitable for teens, 13 years and weaev, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes. Not very original, but I couldn’t resist.