I am sure the people out there would help as the best part about the content out there is that its not your regular-type-of-trash-music which often does not have a great shelf life but on the contrary this site features world music which is posted by people who are into good music and is visited by people from all over the world who are into world music. October 8, at 2: The instrument includes a series of china clay bowls of descending sizes laid in a semicircular manner while the player sits in the center of the circle softly striking the cups on the edge with wooden sticks to create the sound. December 26, at 7: August 6, at 7: Jaltarang is a unique instrument in the sense that it is both a percussion , as well as non-percussion instrument.

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It is called Jaltaal. Continue for us ols listerners.

Jaltarang is a dying art. In the present era the preferred choice of the artists are the china bowls instead of jaltarang instrumental or porcelain, and the total number of cups preferred is around jaltaranf, while the number of cups depends on the ihstrumental being played.

June 7, at 1: This jaltarang instrumental seems to have evolved from the ancient Gong and Gamelan made up of copper and other metal alloys that were molded in different shapes, to create various musical notes that were gently struck with bamboo sticks played with both hands. December 26, at 7: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Jaltarang-Pt.Dulal Roy

May 29, at Jaltarang is a unique instrument in the sense that it is both a percussionas well as non-percussion instrument. Notify me of new comments via instrjmental. Milind Jaltarang instrumental — Raga Malkauns: The cups are tuned to the notes of a Raga, being played by adjusting the amount of water. October 8, at 2: August 13, at 3: It consists of china bowls filled with water and struck by two wooden sticks.

August 5, at September 17, jaltarang instrumental 6: This article was featured in our January issue: January Homepage Featured Prev Story.

These bowls are placed in a semi-circle arrangement around the artist and played. January haltarang, at February 5, at 1: March 11, jaltarang instrumental 1: The instrument requires a skilled technique to play some fine nuances and is not as easy to tune as it sounds and needs proper guidance, practice and experience.

Jaltarang : water music of India | Indian Raga

We could start by promoting it on websites which provide free music. September 20, at 1: The Jaltarangjaltarang instrumental of the most rarely heard instruments jalrarang, is among the oldest instruments in the world. October issue featuring Bryan Adams on the cover! Kindly give me the contact number of Milind Tulankar on gsiddhant78 gmail. When the edge of the bowl filled with water is stuck with wooden sticks it produces vibrations, that travels through the water and are transferred to the surrounding air to produce sweet melodic sounds.


The Jal-tarang, one of the most rarely heard instruments! – The Score Magazine

November 21, Aritro Ghosh. I am looking for some one jaltarang instrumental can play Jal Tarang in our 7 star Hotel Renaissance Mumbai, If any one intrested please call me on …we will pay you on hourly basis. Unfortunately despite of being one of the oldest form of music, this form of art is dying a slow and painful death due to the fact that not many people take it up as a form of music and due to lack jaltarahg exposure.

Dear music jaltarang instrumental Jalatarang though the ijstrumental is ancient it will remain for ever. Although Jaltarang has been prevalent for instrumfntal five hundred years, the instrument attracted attention in the first half of the 20th century. Iam very interesting about this instrument how much cost of this instrument and where available.