Decompile Java code in the cloud. So its integration with latest Eclipse 3. Watch out, it will get you. You extract it and then use jad against the dir. The only so-so working solution was to take the.

jad jar decompiler

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JavaDecompiler can do a good job with a jar: JD-Core is actively maintained. Second, to tackle this problem I personally use several tools which handle this problem on all levels: Does anyone know of a free decompiler that can decompile an entire Jar file instead of a single class? A good decompielr is use github.

jad jar decompiler

March 13, Freeware. Fernflower is the first actually working analytical decompiler for Java and probably for a high-level programming language in general. Java 7 is required to run.

Home Page of Jad – the fast Java decompiler

Yuval Adam Yuval Adam k 80 80 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Such a utility is JADa command-line application that is designed to work fast and with accuracy. Both are the result of the fantastic work of SO user Emmanuel Dupuy.


If you happen to have both a bash shell and jad: Ready to use, just type dj your. The decompiling ability of JAD will certainly prove a godsend for any developer who lost or misplaced the source code. Asked 10 years, 6 months ago. Egor Ushakov Updated in You should be able to unzip winzip a jae just like a zip file.

jad jar decompiler

A great helper for recovering and exploring source code, JAD can surely be one of the tools of choice in the utility belt of many Java developers. Joel S Joel S 5 5 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. My quick solution was to download MacJad that contains jad.

But recently, a new wave of decompilers has forayed onto the market: How do we handle problem users? Until recently, you needed to use a Java decompiler and all of them were either unstable, obsolete, unfinished, or in the best case all of the above.

Java Decompiler

CFR Free, no source-code available, http: I wish I could upvote it every time I stop by. JAD can be deployed from the command-line console and it will decompile Java classes into source code. Thank you for notifying it. Adam Paynter Adam Paynter Unfortunately, it can still have some hiccups where JAD would normally succeed. There are some limitations this software struggles with and during our tests we found out that it cannot parse uad files with versions other than Working with Java classes is a job for programmers and any tool that can make the decompilation and conversion of this files easier is welcomed.


Insert the following into decompile. JAD is part of these download collections: This site provides a user interface to extract source code from. The JD-Eclipse doesn’t seem to have changed since late though see Changes.

Beyond Comparemy favorite diff tool, when configured correctly can do on-the-fly comparisons between any archive file, including jar s.