The Fallout Percussion Only. Crushing Blow Percussion Only. Exit Strategy No Percussion. Calm Before the Kill Non-Choir. Emerge the Fable No Percussion. Villainous Empire Percussion Only.

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The Antagonist No Percussion. Fight For Freedom Percussion Only. Forever in a Day Percussion Only. Air of Silence Non-Choir.

TIDAL: Listen to Pillars of Creation on TIDAL

Outshine The Hurt Non-Choir. Compelled Featured in COD: The Reckoning Percussion Only. Tactical Dominance Orch Hybrid Version. Cerebral Torsion Percussion Only. The Fallout No Vocal. Skies of Fire Percussion Only. City of Bones 2. The Fallout Percussion Only. The Antagonist Percussion Only. Emerge the Fable No Percussion.

ā€ˇPillars of Creation by Jack Trammell on Apple Music

Culture of Carnage No Percussion. Become the Courageous No Percussion. Crimson Shade Percussion Only.

Tears of a Hero Percussion Only. Greater Solace Percussion Only. The Pillars of Creation Percussion Only. Test of Time Non-Choir.


Head Shot Percussion Only. Critical Mass Percussion Only. Crystal Planet No Percussion. Stand, and Become Legendary Percussion Only. Beyond Oblivion Percussion Only. Culture of Carnage Non-Choir. Forever in a Day No Percussion.


Anger And Disdain Non-Choir. The Pillars of Creation. Forever in a Day. Threat Code Alpha No Percussion. Top Tracks Top Artists. Fight for Freedom Looper – Trailer Music 2.

Emerge the Fable Percussion Only.