If you need to reset your password, click here. On the Oracle page you link to, scroll down to version 1. Find More Posts by MasterC. Having a problem logging in? Before I explain why, let’s have a look at what happens when you write a bad hash function:. Java level monitor deadlocks used to be hard to find.

j2sdk 1.4.0

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The worst possible number of buckets is a power-of-two! I think once you boot into linux you will see what they are talking about. Then along came JDK 1. Despite the slowdown of JDK 1.

We can help j22sdk your Java application run faster and trouble-shoot concurrency and performance bugs If you need to reset your password, click here.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. We have to use the val variable after the loop, otherwise a clever compiler could optimize the whole loop away. We knew that this was a theoretical possibility, but we thought that it didn’t affect any practical data sets.

I believe the way you want to do this, but you might want to post this on suse’s e-mail list as well. The old mechanism was so much more predictable in terms of distribution of keys into buckets.


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Openjdk has no k2sdk. These results at best demonstrate that addition is blindingly fast, as we would expect. However – where can I download this?

j2sdk 1.4.0

On the Oracle page you link to, scroll down to version 1. Obviously, having a more complicated rehash method causes a drop in performance when the hash function was good anywaybut it gives us a better average performance than JDK 1.

j2sdk 1.4.0

If j2sek need to squeeze the last ounce of performance out of the JDK and you need to do that with hash tables, you should probably write your own stripped-down version of HashMap that works specifically for your key-domain. Java Courses Training Overview 1.

j2sdk 1.4.0

In this puzzle you need to figure out which lambdas are affected. The following is an excerpt from a three-way conversation between Joshua Bloch, author of java.

HashMapso we asked him. Your search query will be forwarded to Google. Is the JDK 1. Nope, not in general, but as I said, with benchmarks you can find strange things.

[JavaSpecialists ] – HashMap requires a better hashCode() – JDK Part II

I now understand the reason for using power-of-two for HashMap buckets, but, I am also disappointed. From my tests, it seems to distribute the bits beautifully, but you will have to test I don’t know how! The result is obvious. Want to know which application jj2sdk best for the job? JavaSpecialists We j2sk relevant courses, by top Java developers to produce more resourceful and efficient programmers within their organisations. Find More Posts by MasterC.


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Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. However, let’s look at a benchmark on addition. The reason why the number of buckets should be prime is so that the hash values are well distributed, even when the hash function is not very well distributed. Those directions are actually pretty straight forward Shassouneh.