August 28, at 2: Ayi for the first time in history I loughed till I got stomach cramps yhoh! What does your family say? Eish… So how did Mdu Comics come about? August 25, at 7: But when we mixed everything up those errors made these characters lovable. What are you trying to say….

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March 8, at 3: How much does it cost? Ayi for the first time in history I loughed till I got stomach cramps yhoh!

Izikhokho Show: from YouTube to TV

January shoq, at Wow yayenza lento yakho mfana…awenze phela more videos…qubeke ziyephambile zishe…sihleke kuphela…. I really need help. But the master plan is a full length movie. March 18, at Is there some fall out from that?

Mdu Comics | Izikhokho Cartoons | Mahala

January 23, at 8: August 25, at 7: Budget dictates how much time you have to create the product which in turn affects the quality. Uyashaya baba kip da gud work. April 20, at July 25, at By ur work says a lot. November 8, at 9: I have written a izikhokho show of comic.


Izikhokho Cartoons

Mara I love zulu boy but its like he is getting old. What do your parents, friends, ex-girlfriends think of your chosen career?

Enter this link into your RSS reader http: March 22, at 9: Is there a lot of pressure on you? I also need softwares.

Izikhokho Show: from YouTube to TV | Comedy Central | TVSA

After we came from the studio we were so convinced it was going to flop with the number of errors we made in the recording. But when we izikhokho show everything up those errors made izikhokho show characters lovable. The cartoon was so good that one of my lecturers had it pasted on the wall of his office while he was grilling me about my poor academic performance.

Hands down, the funniest thing they have ever seen.

I so wish to cee others follow on your izikhokho show step. What does your family izikhokho show And dat photo wil b my treasure coz u r my health institute. January 16, at 9: How come Rudolph is an alien but he speaks like a whitey?


What are you trying to say…. But the one event that made decide to take it seriously was when I drew a cartoon for the Wits University newspaper that everybody liked.

I even know some ANC people who have it on their phones. But for now expect some more web clips and a movie sometime soon.