Who has access to the report and can it be shared among colleagues and collaborators? To run a paper through iThenticate, go to the Folders tab and under My Documents tab select “submit a document” Provide the document with a title and a Last and First name for the document author. Can an undergraduate student request an iThenticate account? What types of files are recognized? Additionally you can select the resources to run your documents against under “Limit search to these repositories.

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Journal metrics

We check the similarity report ithejticate, if applicable, the report will be uploaded into the Copernicus Office Editor plagiarsim be shown to the handling editor of the respective manuscript. How do I start to use iThenticate? We want you to be informed about the agreement and what it entails and therefore very strongly encourage you to read the ithenticate plagiarism detection software EULA, as it details your rights and responsibilities as a user of iThenticate.

Please remember to change your password after logging in for the first time. To suggest changes or additions to this FAQ Contact: Aggregators, databases, content providers Plagiariem 90 million online and itheticate subscription content and research titles from leading aggregators, databases and content providers, including: However, your submissions may be archived by iParadigm. Click to select Guides search is active.


You may choose to submit a substantially revised manuscript as a new submission. Softsare databases does iThenticate check against? Working in iThenticate What file types are recognized?

The similarity report is also made available to referees. To request access to iThenticate, please contact the Courseware Support Team ithenticate plagiarism detection software canvas pobox. Any matches will be highlighted in the document with links on the right to the corresponding content.

Please note that the EULA is an agreement directly between the user and iParadigms, the company which licenses iThenticate, and does not involve the Libraries or the University.

Can iThenticate be used to check student assignments? Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. The decision of whether or not a manuscript should be sogtware because of fraud or proceed to the peer-review process rests with the handling editor.

You may do so by contacting iThenticate umanitoba. Journal metrics Journal metrics IF 4. Resulting reports can be shared among co-authors.

Acceptable file types include: In this process, iThenticate provides us with a similarity report listing a the percentage of similarity resulting from counted words and b the markup of the various sections, expressions, or terms which were found in other documents.


Workshop: iThenticate – a plagiarism detection software

When finished click Submit. Search articles Author Title Abstract Full text. However, please note that any material or communications that you email, post or transmit through iThenticate site are treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Click Add Another File if you wish to run more than one paper.

Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics. A revision of a previously uploaded manuscript can be uploaded and checked again, to a maximum of five times. What types of files are recognized? After logging in, go the My Documents area and click on the tab for Settings.

Log In – Sign on to your plagiarism checker account | iThenticate

When you log onto iThenticate you will be asked to agree to a User Agreement. Copernicus Publications is a member of CrossCheck by iThenticate. Working in iThenticate What types of files are recognized? Can an undergraduate student request an iThenticate account? No, iThenticate is intended for use by authors to check their own work. Climate of the Past.