Together with the notice when a file is using a different line separator than specified in the project settings this IDE is now covering what even the smallest editor does for years. Still the same place in version Casper LI mentioned that Android Studio 1. If your application already needs a preloader you can configure additional artifact for a module with the preloader. October 22, at 1:

intellij idea 12.1.2

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intellij idea 12.1.2

May 11, at 9: I get this error: Removed on restarting android studio and does not show in any other windows. Shawn Vader Shawn Vader 9, 8 8 gold badges 47 47 silver badges 56 56 bronze badges. April 1, at 8: The forehead-slapping-worthy solution was: Your email address will not be published.

Jamal Uddin 31 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. If you want to show or hide line numbers, go to the following settings to change the appearance. Do not stop now. April 18, at 1: Give an example because NetBeans does this intellii.


IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.2 Update is Available

You get a stack trace from a client and then you need to track it down. In netbeans it is match easier to set an icon file without writing any single line of ant etc. This artifact will ask you to specify your preloader class imtellij define the preloader. Active 5 days ago.

Manage Line Separators in IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 Like a Boss

December 2, at 3: In IntelliJ 14 it has moved again somewhat down the menu. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

intellij idea 12.1.2

Proudly powered by WordPress. I also can’t imagine people working without line numbers switched on. There is an application-name menu item to the left of “File” with a “preferences” menu item: Stop digging through the settings dialog people!

Packaging JavaFX 2 Applications in IntelliJ IDEA | IntelliJ IDEA Blog

Your email address will not be published. And the last one for today.


I just hit this with IdeaVim plugin installed, where even if I set Show Line Numbersit continued to revert to hiding them. Still the same place in version April 22, at 6: Jamal Uddin Sep 26 at 0: This entry was posted in New Features and tagged Choletski Choletski 3, 1 12.1. gold badge 23 23 silver badges 41 41 bronze badges. August 22, at 8: X Onwards From version This entry was posted in New Features and tagged 12 These three methods exist since the last inhellij versions of Intellij and I think they remain valid for a long time.