But if you do This book had many, many redeeming qualities, but I have to be honest: Evie is a college freshman starting at a new school. Books by Amy A. Even if I have to pursue you into the darkā€¦if you cease to be, then so will I. I was kind of hoping she dies, but there are three more books, so I didn’t hold my breath for it to happen. Read out loud, it sounds unnatural, but it’s easy enough to get past unless one is determined to nitpick.

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Freddie surprised the shit out of me. Now when we sort out who is who, you can inescapable amy bartol the relations between them. But, even if it was quite weak and inescapable amy bartol at least it was well done. I don’t want to be mean, I’m just trying inescapavle explain my reasons. What I mind is that form the moon you can see that he is view spoiler [ an angel and of course she is nothing less special.

Outside of the love triangle, the plot flowed as effortlessly as the writing. The storyline in this was about Evie being given a scholarship and starting at her new school, but more than anything, this was about the love triangle. View all 7 comments.



Restoration Revelationbook 5 Randi Cooley Wilson. Since meeting sophomore Reed Wellington, however, nothing makes any sense. I read the whole series in a week. My name is Evie Claremont and this was to be the making of me-my freshman year of college. The story completely just sucked me in from start to finish.

Inescapable (The Premonition, #1) by Amy A. Bartol

And above that, she has NO self-preservation instinct. I think, had the main characters been different and when I say different, I mean, not-Evie-and-ReedI would have loved this book.

Now the things get more complicated. Definitely not continuing the series. See, Evie annoyed me all throughout the book, but this is where she loses my respect. Smy and try again.

What happened to smart, forceful, independent ones? By page 72 Russel had been put under mind control 3 times by Reed, and neither Evie nor Russel are really freaking out. View all 8 comments. About The Honest Bookclub We’re two girls with a love for the written word. Honestly I did not like the first book because it was a bit slow at times.


The Premonition Series

I imescapable like time is almost up. N young adult reviewer: It was just plain annoying to read his lines. This series is barotl. This book will take you on an epic ride and is thrilling to inescapable amy bartol point where you will not want nor be able to put it down. It was just the perfect combo of heartbreak, jealousy, humor, catty enemies, butterfly-enducing moments, and her guy protecting her with all that he has even if it’s killing him inside.

He is nothing less than her soul-mate. It irks me that there are some really inescapwble ideas in here, and that this could have been such a great book. I hate when the heroine can’t pick a guy. She’s tough, strong, determined, and doesn’t just sit around whining like some of the other heroines tend to do.

I’m such a liar: