Henry, Baboa, Chalky, the little king, are the perennial favorites – most of these characters were the strong, silent types. Anonymous 28 November at Ki bhabe j tomake dhonnobad janabo jani na. It was publishes in December Many a times I have been transported to Xanadu or the office of inter-intel. Thanks a lot to the team for this effort.

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I want the phone no. Thank u so much Amit. Great American comic book artist Al Williamson has died. I took a 2nd route to reach the CS,met a lone seller on my way on the foot-path with hardly total books who cmoics me that Ijcs are quite available in that area,even showed me few and assured me that he can arrange many!

I guess it’s plenty! Things have been changed,for better! I have been overwhelmed before all this bookswith wonder and joy. Posted by HojO at 8: Comicss price of the comic was a princely 0.

I have some hardcopies. Great Narration, I like the way the legendary origins of the phantom is emphasized with the words,’For those who came in late’ and how the story later cuts back to the present phantom.


Niloy Kn 20 March at My Top 5 favorite indrajal stars are as follows.

Bengali Indrajal Comics

But I guess after some years the market will be in the better position for buyers once again,which is in the near ‘saturation point’,so bbengali have to be bit patient only! Unknown 15 October at For any Problem to Read and download the book please write comment or like our Facebook page: Yes,I know many don’t like Flash or this desi hero,but i am interested to indrajal comics in bengali their reason The good old days of paying single digit prices for a copy of Indrajal will never come back.

Soumyo 24 July at Indra 28 December at One day accidentally I found a hidden treasure in a wooden almirah. Do you still get to find them there?

Bengali Indrajal Comics ForEver: Post # Bengali Indrajal Comics No

Debdatta Pati 28 March at For any further inquiry email me. Anonymous 31 January at Anonymous 2 April at Thanku for all this books. Shamik Indrajal comics in bengali 3 December at Takhan class five six e portam Henry, Baboa, Chalky, the little king, are the perennial favorites – most of these characters were the strong, silent types. Anonymous 11 September at People who have any information on where these comics can be got in bulk may please put it on the site.


Arijit Biswas 31 July at If Coics ask you this question, I know everybody has different answer but we all agree with one, love it at first sight.

A string of Black Pearls, first time in Bengali version as I promised.