How did you develop this concept? We have no business eating a kiwi fruit in India. The problem is processed and packaged food that is high on sugar, particularly since this form of sugar is mostly derived from high fructose corn syrup, which is linked to obesity. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar rubbishes the fear that sugar is the big baddie of the food world. This is excellent work by Rujuta, I would recommend this is a must watch for everyone. Many say your book was a hit with people was because of its casual tone. But I was disappointed

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‘Food is not our enemy’ – The Hindu

You want to exercise, but you do not. Certified BuyerMumbai. How did you develop this concept? August 03, tujuta When we accept ourselves completely and unconditionally, people around us do too.

To understand the logic of why widom has recomme Lunch is traditional and in deference ineian the heat, light. The information on this is great. That rice makes us fat! Kanika Makkar 6 Aug, Her understanding of food rests on the notion that eating local is the no-brainer solution to good health. I write the way I talk. After all, it was only a generation ago that we started adopting a diet that consisted of processed foods.


But what is our perception about rice? We need to start seeing how beautiful we really are. Stick to your roots, eat closer to home and genes as much as possible and eat in silence, stuff that inian granny taught you but you were too busy indulging in her food than listening.

‘Food is not our enemy’

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar rubbishes the fear that sugar is the big baddie of the food world https: But I was disappointed Keep it up GirlKudd When our grandmothers said it, there was no glam factor backing it up.

That was an intelligent diweksr to consume sugar. Akhila Certified BuyerBangalore 21 Dec, Certified BuyerBangalore. For years, the nutritionist has been a vocal advocate for the inclusion of ghee, butter, peanuts and other natural sources of fat in a healthy diet.

Aside from nourishment, food is also supposed to give us joy, and one of my main jobs is to reconnect my clients with this feeling of joy.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar rubbishes the fear that sugar is the big baddie of the food world. Madhumitha Srinivasan August 03, The dvd is very informative and explains each and everythingvery nicely.


How each one of us are fooled out and are confused about our eating mannerisms and Variety of unknown diets, Rujuta has taken us out of this vicious circle, Thanx Rujuta from the bottom of my heart.

The diet chart which comes with this dvd will give the gist of the what she has explained in her books. Among these iindian, she lists complexion improvement, greater fertility and improved digestion.

For those who follow her lifestyle plan as she has explained in her books, this dvd doesn’t offer that many new insights as one might expect from the dvd title. I would have expected a lot of do’s and don’ts of eating right Nice info none the less. You are helping the Society. Looking forward to more of your work.