Keyboard, Mouse swipe, Touch swipe navigation. You can also manage default buttons by customizing sizes, colors, border and background colors. Carousel Have your slideshow appearing in Carousel mode by activating it from Carousel tab of Slider Settings. No sliders found message. Can I customize Slider settings to better fit my needs? The width and height of slides can be defined in the settings area. SlideDeck 2 Lite is a responsive slider plugin for WordPress that lets you easily create content sliders out of almost any content.

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WordPress indexo-slider plugin

Slidee style indexo slider be further enhanced by choosing from one of the three predefined skins and a fade or slide transition. Save relative urls in database instead of absolute urls. Write a Title for the widget and choose any slideshow using Select Slider drop-down menu. Apply layer global options to existing layers.

Can I post links on slider images using this slider plugin? Also, you can add custom CSS to the slides for the additional styling features. Zoom Fade effect on Google Chrome browser. The sliders ijdexo be added to a page and there are indexo slider unique skins that can be applied to slides.

AAA Indexo Slider | Savant Automation

You can customize the type of the Timer bar, as well as its size, color and transparency. Video slide and layer poster in backend. Slider preview in admin. If you do not find a solution indexo slider, do not hesitate to click here to contact us. Once you add beautiful slides to your posts or pages with some high quality images and indexo slider styling, you may observe improved user engagement rates.


I’m building a WP multisite network, and would like suggestions for a slider plugin that will allow me to feature posts from multiple sites within my network.

You can easily display multiple galleries throughout your WordPress website indexo slider your custom added slides, slide galleries sliderr WordPress posts or pages. Dutch translations by Piet Kok.

You can display images slider with different elegant animations. Slider with fixed background. The plugin provides you to quickly create sliders from text, images and video as well as connect to a variety of content sources like WordPress posts, Pinterest, Flickr and YouTube to create gorgeous and dynamic indexo slider in a few clicks without writing a single line of code.

Indedo plugin is tuned up with the following types of layers, which can be added to each slide multiple times: Support Issues resolved in last two months: Some js and css conflicts with other plugins and builders.

Right-click on the folder and select Compress. indexo slider


Slider callback page responsiveness. Possibility to add font family. Lots of functionalities and tons of flexibility!

WordPress indexo-slider plugin

Completely customize the way your slider navigates using the tools provided in Navigation section of Slider Settings. Navigation buttons showing delay on hover.

Powered by modern technology, WordPress Slider plugin will help you build amazing sliders without having to code a single line. The plugin comes with insert sliders anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode, touch gestures navigation for touch devices, custom link text and more. Upload only images zip. Indexo slider is a lightweight solution too with slides only adding between 4kb and 12kb to your total page size. Minor bug indexo slider on PHP version.

The plugin supports both images and videos on the slides, which further could be spiced up with various transition effects.

The plugin takes the full width of the widget area if the Boxed Layout in Slider Settings is checked. However, I found that it only allows me tofeature content from my main site i.