Hakuryuu was seen to be in a room, destroying everything with his Keshin Aura and Kibayama who was watching him and his destructions which he made in the room. This marked up Zero with a two point lead. The movie starts with a voice explaining the victory of Inazuma Japan in the FFI , the banning of soccer and the formation of the Fifth Sector. Tenma was still standing up, saying it’s not over; Shuu used Black Ash and easily scored the third goal. Tenma summoned Majin Pegasus and tried to attack Hakuryuu’s keshin, but failed just like Shindou and Tsurugi. Shindou Takuto then used his hissatsu tactic; Kami no Takuto and instructed Tenma to steal the ball.

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Tenma saw that Shinsuke was sleeping and wanted to wake up Shinsuke but then, he fell in sleep instead.

Inazuma Eleven Go: Kyuukyoku no Kizuna Gryphon –

But when the ball was about to enter in the goal, Shuu and Hakuryuu intervened with Inazuma eleven go kyuukyoku no kizuna gryphon Magnum. Hakuryuu’s keshin being drawed out, he and Shuu combined their keshins to call out Sei Kishi Arthur and shooted with Sword of Excalibur. After Shuu realized what Tenma meant, Hakuryuu was still in frustration, but Tsurugi made him realize that he actually enjoyed soccer inazuma eleven go kyuukyoku no kizuna gryphon then when he was young, in which Hakuryuu had a change of heart.

Z — Pochitto Hatsumei: The adults entered the field and turned into their young form. Ichino and Aoyama commented that the bo was very powerful and the score was At another place, Ishido Shuuji has shown to have arrived at God Eden by a helicopter and talked with Kibayama about the situation briefly and said that it would be an interesting watch. Tenma said that he saw Endou before he knocked out and everyone was surprised and when Shindou said coach, Endou showed up.


The others were delighted but Endou just silently looked at Shuu. Tenma was also seen having a flashback about Endou leaving Raimon. Shuu helped out him by giving some advice. He used Extend Zone ; when he was about to shoot, the adverse goalkeeper waiting for him, he fainted to create a chain shoot with Nishiki Ryoumawho used Sengoku Bushin Musashi and then Bushin Renzan. Hakuryuu then speedily attacked Gryyphon but he was able yo avoid it with his keshin.

Himitsu no Otodoke Daisakusen! Tsurugi Kyousuke then stated that the place was actually God Eden and a person named Kibayama Douzan appeared kyuukyokuu with eleben tanks that surrounded Raimon.

Inazuma Eleven GO The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon

He comforted the kid in which Tenma was happy for. Because of that, Inzauma wore the goalkeeper’s gloves and said that he will play in the match, in which shocked everyone. Shindou Takuto then used his hissatsu tactic; Kami no Takuto and instructed Tenma to steal the ball.

Endou Mamoru looked at his hand and had a flashback of the past with his grandfather, Endou Daisuke. They were able to save the goal and the match ended with both teams tied each with five scores. Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction Yo-kai Watch: Shindou got the elsven and inazu,a it to Kageyama Hikaru. The movie aired on December 23th in the theater as well as on TV. Master of Illusions Inazuma Eleven: When the Raimon’s team went inside the bus, they talked a bit to each other.


Kibayama and some other adults then joined Zero, surprising the replaced members and Raimon.

Both had a brief talk and Shindou Takuto agreed to have a soccer match. Sign In Don’t have an account? Original series Manga and anime episodes first season second season third season Film. Amagi asked what was wrong with Shindou because his plays weren’t the inzauma as usual and Kirino replied that not having a coach around, effected Shindou’s plays and was worried about Shindou. He passed to Kazemaru Ichiroutawho passed through easily an adverse adult by using Shippuu Dash.

The match continued with Nishiki Ryouma using Noboriryuu and passed through most of the adverse members. The match started with Ancient Dark having the ball and they slowly dribbled, but Shinsuke stole it and passed it to Tenma. Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie.

They saw a soccer ground and Kibayama arrived.