The Administration may, however, entrust the inspections and surveys either to surveyors nominated for the purpose or to organizations recognized by it. Where a combination of two colours is required to give adequate conspicuity against changing backgrounds, they should preferably be orange and white, or red and white, and should be arranged in five alternate bands the first and last band being the darker colour. The ducts or sleeves should have a thickness of at least 3 mm and a length of at least mm. The effect of skirt plates, where provided, should be given special consideration. Units that are equipped with suitably located means for fully recharging the air cylinders free from contamination need carry only one spare charge for each required apparatus.

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The Administration may permit windows and sidescuttles outside hazardous areas to be of the opening type. The obstacle-free sector marking should indicate the origin of the obstacle-free sector, imo modu code 2009 directions of the limits of the sector and the verified D-value of the helideck.

A copy of the continuous survey programme, together with the record of the surveys, should be kept on board the unit and the certificate annotated accordingly. Gas detectors – Performance requirements of detectors for flammable gases. If the steering gear control system which provides for control from the navigating bridge is electric, it should be supplied from the steering gear power circuit from a point within the steering gear compartment.

2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

If the Administration permits aluminium or other low melting point metal construction that is not fode equivalent to steel, the following provisions should be satisfied:. In the vertical direction, such enclosed air spaces, including those behind linings of stairways, trunks, etc.

Construction and use of rooms or imo modu code 2009 protected by pressurization. Where ventilation arrangements of the intended safe space are considered sufficient by the Administration to prevent any ingress of gas from the zone 1 location, the two imo modu code 2009 2090 forming an airlock may be replaced by a single self-closing mody door which opens into the non-hazardous location and has no imk device.


Chapter 01 General Chapter 1 – General. Chapter 09 Fire safety Chapter 9 – Fire safety. Provision should be made to reduce the flash rate to 60 flashes per minute should a helicopter be on the helideck. In such circumstances, the Administration should consider the extent of application of regulations 39 139 2 and 39 5 of the LL Protocol, as amended, and give special consideration to such units, having regard to the occasional nature of such voyages on predetermined routes and to prevailing weather conditions.

IMO IE MODU Code, Edition

This unit complies with the relevant provisions of the Code, and this certificate should, in accordance with paragraph 1. It should include plans showing the location and extent of application of different grades and strengths of materials, together with a description of the materials and welding procedures employed, and any other relevant construction information. The damper should be provided with an indicator which shows whether the damper is open or closed.

Valve position indicators should be provided at the remote control station. Seal or stamp of the authority, as appropriate. Visual indication should be provided imo modu code 2009 show whether or not the override has been actuated. The structure access manual should include the following for each space:. Lifebuoys with lights and those with lights and smoke signals should be equally distributed along the accessible portions of the perimeter of the unit and should not be the lifebuoys provided with lifelines in compliance with the provisions of paragraph A safety system should be provided to imo modu code 2009 that serious malfunction in machinery or boiler operations, which presents an immediate danger, should initiate the automatic shutdown of that part of the plant and that an alarm should be given at the locations determined in accordance with paragraph 8.


To view more information about our cookie use, click here to view our Privacy Policy. Unless the Administration considers it impracticable, the pre-set speed and direction of thrust of the propeller should be maintained until local control is in operation.

These ducts, or sleeves lining such ducts, should be provided with fire insulation. Height above sea level metres C H 0 — Means should be provided locally to indicate whether a valve is open or closed.

Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units – Lexology

This is to certify that, at a survey under section 1. Other equipment which treats flammable liquids automatically, e.

For ship-shaped hulls movu curve may be assumed to vary as the cosine function of vessel heel. Where mechanical ventilation is applied it should be such that the hazardous enclosed spaces are maintained with underpressure in relation to the less hazardous spaces or areas and non-hazardous enclosed spaces are maintained in overpressure in relation to adjacent hazardous locations.

IMO I810E 2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

Signature of authorized official issuing the certificate. Sanitary, ballast and general service pumps may be accepted as independent power bilge pumps if fitted with the necessary connections to the bilge pumping system. The Administration may, given special considerations, permit operation from one side of a division only.

Modh a paint scheme is necessary to enhance identification by day, alternate black and white, black and yellow, or red and white bands are recommended, not less than 0. The status lights should be a flashing red light 3 or lightsvisible to the pilot from any direction of approach and on any landing heading.