If these people are crazy, why are their dirty stories told? The creation being created through Nur Muhammadi. Yet saying the Awliya of Allah possess attributes of Allah is pure disbelief. This is why the Messiah aley salam gathered from the same category of excellent qualities, virtues and states that were in the excellent qualities of Muhammad, and this is whey his noble characteristics resembled the noble characteristics of Muhammad saw , which lead to apparent similarities and resemblance, and some of these have been quoted before, and because of these similarities and resemblance, he gave in the beginning the good news of the sun of Prophethood meaning Muhammad saw , so in other words, he became the Subh Sadiq of the sun, and the luminosity of Subh Sadiq is exactly the luminosity of the sun, which appears a little time before the rise of the sun …and it gives the news of the rise, so the Subh Sadiq is the son of the sun, and its presence is due to the sun even if it appears before it, and this is possible in a spiritual manner, while in physical paternity the son appears after the father, but in spiritual matters there is no relation of before or after. Jaise bhi sahab fazl-o-kamaal hue zahir hai.

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The next story tells a similar story of curing, and imdadul mushtaq it, it is told that Allah did Zuhur in the Wali and cured the sick through it.

And in the beginning of humanity, the size and shape of people before, including the noble Prophets, were certainly greater, they were longer and larger. Also if the Qutb prays, then people will pray, what imdadul mushtaq total nonsense.

Imdadullah Muhajir Makki – Wikiwand

So imdadul mushtaq would mean the Prophets can forget, but Gangohi cannot forget whether a topic is in a book or not. Writing Al-Fatihah in disorder. It is possible to see Allah in this world. Belief in Nur Muhammadi Prophetic light The Sufis have a specific belief in Nur Muhammadi, they also call Haqiqah Muhammadiyah or Ruh Muhammadi, and they usually separate between the body of the Prophet saw and the light of the Prophet saw imdadul mushtaq, while the Brawli do not separate and say the Prophet saw is present everywhere as the universe ijdadul through the Faydh emanation of his Nur or Ruh.


A Wali called Abul Waqt can make Allah appear in him and cure people. Adam, imdaduo be upon him was sixty of his arm size long and seven of imdaduk arm size large.


So this shows that for them Wahdatul Wujud is real, else they would not need this explanation, the Muwahhid imdadul mushtaq have imdadul mushtaq Also the image in the mirror of a person is not different from him, rather a representation of how he is.

But for Ashraf Ali Thanvi such people are good Sufis and their works deserve to be translated, yet Thanvi did a summary of it, and he explained the reason that some topics were difficult to be understood by laymen, and some stories have already been translated in other books of An-Nabbahani, and some stories give doubt of being against the Sunnah.

No stroke took effect on that man of spiritual gifts, But the disciples were wounded and drowned in blood. So it imdadul mushtaq that for these Sufis, these Majzubs have been conferred powers that no Prophets had, and they are superior to Prophets. Rather this is the Tawhid of the people of Wahdat ul Wujud, and they hide their creed under the name of madness, so people do not kill them like they killed Al-Hallaj.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Once I asked him: Thanvi tried to explain why the religious mjshtaq are removed in such states, saying that these people have lost their intelligence, but if these people are in such states of madness, why are these states called knowledge musutaq certitude?

Nothing will happen there. La Hawla wala Quwatta ila Bilah. Aur is group ki har ak post ko samjhkar samajkar padhe aur pasand aaye to apne dosto ko bhi imdadul mushtaq pages se jode aur unhe har post ko shear kare kyuki is page immdadul tamam badmazhabo ka Musshtaq aur hadisho se postmatarm pardafaash challenge ke saath kiya gaya hai.

It is better for someone to be a sinner than to have such a heretic creed. So as he is the Prophet of the community, he is their Murabbi, likewise as he is the Prophets of all Prophets, he is their Murabbi. When he went back to his Peer, he asked him whether he umdadul send him the Salam, and he imdadul mushtaq that he had send it, then he asked what if he had obtain any answer, and he said that the words are to heavy to be repeated, and he requested him to tell what he said, and he told: Ashraf Ali Thavi ke Peer-o-Murshid ek martaba aur Miyana masjid imdadul mushtaq pas rakhwa diya, farmate hain mai bhi hazir-e-Khidamt sharif tha to Hazrat ne farmaya tum mujarrad theaur Hafiz zaamin wa Molvi Sheikh Muhammad sahab iyaldar.


The Sahabah erred in issues of Fiqh and differed in political issues, none of them said that all of what he is doing mushtaa saying is an Ilham imdadul mushtaq Allah. And disputes occurred between the Sahabah and the Prophet saw never come.

Imdad Ul Mushtaq

And Ahlus Sunnah believe that the Ilham is Zanni uncertaina Wali can see in a dream matters or he can feel things in his heart, but this is not certain knowledge and the man can err in his thought, only Wahy to Prophets is certain knowledge. If he is lazy, the business will become slow, and if he is active, then he will have effect on the business. Help from the dead. Sahib Khidmat in Imdadul mushtaq. Ashraf Ali Thanvi explained: Although Amir Shah Khan quoted this story without any problem, Ali Ashraf Thanvi felt it was difficult and wrote in notes that this imdadul mushtaq of Zuhur in camels is only for Maghlub people, meaning insane, then he said Hakim Sahib did not have sexual desire as he also traveled to see a camel as well….

How can Al-Ghazali imdadul mushtaq on the same level of Prophets? This kind of Sufism is a dangerous drug, and opium that destroys any kind of intelligence in the human being, and make him accept any fairy tale, whether it opposes the Quran and Sunnah.

Imdadullah Al-Makki invoking the Prophet saw.

He also gave a circle of the men of invisible Rijal ul Ghayb which is at the end of this invocation:. As other Sufis, many Deobandis are also involved in magic, and this shows that many of the Sufis so-called Tasarrufat controls and Karamat are in fact the works of Jinns and they use magic and Jinns to fool people and make them think they have Karamat from Allah imdadul mushtaq many of their ignorant followers are imdaduul by this.