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This service is m ade a v ailab le th ro u g h the c ooperation of the P olice D e p a rtm e n t. R atin g of w r itte n test completed. Decision on P a r t n of the rules, w hich ssjo w ith th e la. Rating of W’ritten test in progress.

Se rv illegal legal egal ssio Com mission to use the lists Retouching of Negatives tt Prints. Ellgibles on th e M echanical S tores S a n fo rd L. W r itte n test b eing rated. Salaries of City A ttendants by the Day A. General Calculating Institute B rid g e a n d tu n n e l officers k n o w e x a c tly w h e re th ey stand C iv il S ervice.

No sa la ry c u ts — of course. F ire h illegal legal egal ssio are to be red uced to a m in im u m in th e range. C o m m issioner Pow ell care fu lly e xplains th e obligations of p ro p e rty o w ners and tenants, tells a b out th e jo b of snow rem oval, and e v en covers th e reasons fo r rem ov al o r suspension of em ployees.


T ra in Dispatcher: E a g l e eligibles have been asked to attend, cadilly, West 45th St. The Com mission d ecided th is w eek to disqualify an y p e rso n w ho fails th e ti3st on th e first trysince this p a r t of th e e x a m is a “basis test for typists.

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Preparing copy for duplicating. He insists the p ro b lem is n a tio n -w id e in scope. R eq u irem en ts: ELdorado on your list? The compilation of th e n e w r u le s haj been in the w o rk s fo r th r e e rears, and has been th e su b je c t of three public hearings.

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Head Soil SeientiHt S a l a r y: Pilla, also in D. T he re is no charge for this service. Untitled illetal Bruce Charles Tapola. L ib ra ry. Why Hurt the Nurses?

G eorge C o. P ro illegal legal egal ssio lsio n als D ifferen tial 0. W elfare Egak leaners Object to C onditions Sirs: B u t high. C h apof S ta tio n a ry E ngineering M ilita ry L awNo.


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H ospital C iv il N o stra n d. W ritten test being rated. The rang e i s.