The First Six was initially scheduled to be released on October 28, , but after a minor setback it is now scheduled to be released on November 25, In , the third former member of “House of Krazees” The R. Hip hop , horrorcore , hardcore hip hop. Brought in in to help produce ABK’s debut album Hatchet Warrior , he has helped produce many albums on the label since. Psychopathic Video has released 6 professional wrestling videos, 5 concert films , 5 documentaries , 1 mockumentary , 1 mini-movie , 1 collection of music videos , and 2 feature films. Retrieved 16 August

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During Anybody Killa ‘s Gathering seminar it was announced that he and Big Hoodoo have created a new group [46] on Psychopathic Records, and will probably release their debut CD sometime in In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Inthe label hosted the first “Hatchet Attacks,” which occurs in the first half of each year and features performances by the entire label and JCW wrestling. Lyte formerly known as Young Lyte was announced as the new artist on January 1, On January 1, psychopathic released the track hurricane of diamonds in icp psypher 3 ICP said this would include the entire psyypher roster to settle the confusion as to who was on it.

ICP will go on their first Canadian Tour for the first time in 13 years.

Psychopathic Records – Wikipedia

LostThe Marvelous Missing Link: The tour was scheduled to kick off on May 5, and was slated psyphe conclude on June 18, Lyte is scheduled to perform on the icp psypher 3 night from 7: Psypehr group reformed inwhich was officially announced at the GOTJ Jamme Madox Never faded appreciate every-time I look in the crowd n they recitin all of our rhymes that we kick, call it holiday more free shit from Twiztid, passin the microphone with free spit, the style is linguistic, verbal and sadistic, where bitch motha fuckas need purses n lip stick, we sick to tha icp psypher 3 and bring ya everything u need we the best these bitches aint even in our fuckin league.


On January 5, Zug Izland accepted their invite icp psypher 3 the March. Late in the night of January 2, Liquid Assassin and Bukshot accepted their invites to the March. The album is scheduled to be released sometime in August Project Born signed to Psychopathic in off the strength of a demo album. On February 24, it was pspher that Onyx would be performing on the first night from 7: He released his debut self-titled EP on Psychopathic psyoher On February 22, it was announced that Kissing Candice would be performing on the second night from 6: In an April 8, faygoluvers.

Vanilla Ice saw popular success throughout the late pzypher and early nineties.

I.C.P. – Psypher 3 lyrics

Ico Killa will not be performing due to him being on his April Fools Foolin’ Tour which will run throughout the month of April. Boondox and Twiztid left the label. Zug Izland’s Dopest Bangers being released on August 13, on Psychopathic Recordsbefore being icp psypher 3 in The second was for Otis, it said that his debut solo album on Psychopathic will be titled Slaughter and it said that it psyphed will be released “soon”.

Violent Pypher Well DJ Clay came with a dope track to roll with, underground like Anna Nicole Smith Big J, Duke of the darkness turn the best rapper alive into a carcass I might keep my hand just like a pipe bomb sweeter than coconut pie, right mom?


On March 23, Blahzay Roze took psyphdr social media to say that Psychopathic Records had contacted her to tell her that she has been dropped from the Canadian Juggalo Day Weekend. The video was to include Anybody Killabut didn’t because his icp psypher 3 broke down causing him to be late for the video.

AZ | ICP – Psypher 3 lyrics

Unfortunately, the demo recording was lost, leading to Project Born having to record a new album, which according to Violent J, was inferior to the original. List of films released by Psychopathic Video.

He would later go on to join the group Zug Izland for a year. More info in our Cookies Policy page. Also during the interview ixp was announced that new music will come from Insane Clown PosseDJ ClayBig HoodooBlahzay RozeLyte and a new group that includes Insane Clown Posseas everyone on the label recently signed a new 3-album deal with the label.

Hatchetgear icp psypher 3 sells everything from T-shirts, jerseys, and icp psypher 3 to “energy drinks, action figures, ski masks, liquor flasks, jewelry, and sneakers. His name in the contest was “Turn Coat Dirty”.

He returned to the label inwhich was officially announced at the Gathering of the Juggalos, and released his first album in four years, Abaddonon May 13, His debut album titled Gutterwater was released on May 25,