The heat transport equation considers movement by conduction as well as convection with flowing water. Shlomo Neuman and collaborators e. Output graphics include 2D contours isolines or color spectra in spatial or cross-sectional view for heads, water contents, velocities, concentrations, and temperatures. HYPAR currently supports only calculations in the direct mode does not support the inverse mode , and it does not support any add-on modules e. Post-Processing Output graphics include 2D contours isolines or color spectra in areal or cross-sectional view for heads, water contents, velocities, and concentrations. The influence of water is modeled using the distribution of pore pressure, which is imported automatically from the HYDRUS results for specified times. To further improve the software, we welcome your feedback about HYDRUS, including any problems and errors that may still be present in this version.

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The flow equation also includes a sink term to account for water uptake by plant roots as a function of both water and salinity stress. To minimize numerical oscillations upstream weighing is included as an option for solving the transport equation. Another major improvement that should significantly improve the effectiveness of working with HYDRUS, is an option to specify various domain properties, and initial and boundary conditions, on Geometrical Objects, rather than on FE-Mesh.

Output also includes velocity vector plots, animation of graphic displays for sequential time-steps, and line-graphs for selected boundary or internal sections, and for variable-versus-time plots. Documentation and user’s guide: Back hydtus Page Content. Solute transport was described using the standard advection-dispersion hydrus 2d 3d that included linear sorption, first-order degradation in both the liquid and solid phases, and zero-order production in both phases.

Hydrus 2D/3D — ISMC

The governing convection-dispersion solute transport equations are written in a very general form by including provisions for nonlinear nonequilibrium reactions between the solid and liquid phases, and linear equilibrium reaction between hydrus 2d 3d liquid and gaseous phases. The third dimension is developed in both the Lite and Standard levels by adding specified number of layers of equal or different thicknesses. The transport models also account hydrus 2d 3d convection and dispersion in the liquid phase, as well as diffusion in the gas phase, thus permitting the model to simulate solute transport simultaneously in both the liquid and gaseous phases.


Both software packages are also used in classrooms of many universities in courses covering Soil Physics, Processes in the Vadose Zone, or Vadose Zone Hydrology. In this version, we are expanding the four editions Levels which were available in version 1.

It could handle flow regions delineated by irregular boundaries, as well as three-dimensional regions exhibiting radial symmetry about the vertical axis. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The program may be used to analyze water and solute movement in unsaturated, partially saturated, or fully saturated porous media.

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Hydrus 2D-3D

The demo version is installed with selected jydrus that are described in the Technical manual. The pre-processing unit includes specification of all necessary parameters to successfully run the HYDRUS FORTRAN codes, grid generators for relatively simple rectangular hydrud hexahedral transport domains, a grid generator for unstructured finite element hydrus 2d 3d for complex two- and three-dimensional domains, a small catalog of soil hydraulic properties, and a Rosetta Lite program for generating soil hydraulic properties from soil textural data.

Modifications were made to improve the description of hydraulic properties near saturation. Areas of interest can be zoomed into, and vertical scale can be enlarged for cross-sectional views.

Views Read Edit View history. Research Report No The flow equation incorporates a sink term to account for water uptake by plant roots. The flow region itself may be composed of nonuniform soils having an arbitrary degree of local anisotropy.

Additional retention or hydraulic conductivity data, as well as a penalty function for constraining the optimized parameters to remain in some feasible region Bayesian estimationcan be optionally included in the parameter estimation procedure. Integration in time is achieved using an implicit backwards finite difference htdrus for both saturated and unsaturated hydrus 2d 3d.


The resulting equations are solved in an iterative fashion, by linearization and subsequent Gaussian elimination for banded matrices, a conjugate gradient method for symmetric matrices, or the ORTHOMIN method for asymmetric yhdrus.

Undesired to be displayed parts of the transport domain can hydrus 2d 3d cut off and hidden from the View window using hyrrus commands.

The water content term is evaluated using the mass conservative method proposed by Celia et al. There are also many other additional improvements and expansions of the model.

You can hydtus freely download the Technical Manualwhich contains detailed mathematical descriptions of problems that can be addressed with HYDRUSnumerical solutions of the governing equations, hyxrus of the computational modules, and many example applications for verification purposes. The model is supported by an interactive graphics-based interface for data-preprocessing, generation of structured and unstructured finite element mesh, and graphic presentation of the results.

The program offers graphs of the distributions of hydrus 2d 3d pressure head, water content, water and solute fluxes, root water uptake, temperature and solute concentrations in the subsurface at pre-selected times. Shlomo Neuman and collaborators e. Output graphics include 2D contours isolines or color spectra in areal or cross-sectional view for heads, water contents, velocities, and concentrations. The HYDRUS software is used by thousands of users around the world over ten thousand of downloads in alone, and many more hydrus 2d 3d and since thenincluding leading research institutions, regulatory agencies, and consulting companies.

HYDRUS is a Microsoft Windows based modeling environment for the analysis of water flow and solute transport in variably saturated porous media.