If it was more expensive maybe. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Hi, i have the same problem. LED lights with power button, turns off with power button. I think I used the wrong ROM and bricked mine. After installing Uberoid for WM

hybrid wm8650 uberoid 1.3.0 v5.7z

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I got mine from HcH’z TechKnow [www. It has crapy sound sooo soo. It was shipped to my door and out of the box the touch was badly miscalibrated. The device dosent even heat up, that signals no processor activity in my experience.

Then try to flash again.

hybrid wm8650 uberoid 1.3.0 v5.7z

After installing Uberoid for WM Share This Page Tweet. Hell, the device looks better than I imagined it could. Like x 2 Agree x 1. I downloaded it from a link she provided: I have a sneaky feeling that if he Battery runs flat I will be needing that firmware again You can recover these devices if its able to errr Meanwhile you can fix it by clearing the cache real wierd since the ROM does not included any!!!


WM Can No Longer Boot | Android Tablet Forum

You can add your image here: How do I identify which tablet I have? After following the guide and using the ” UberoidTool ” to prep my SD card via my lappy everything went flawlessly Some places to download APK android installer files are: Good luck to everyone else on their newly rooted tablets! May 25, Messages: WM I have tried copying the following two firmward into a root for fresh SD card.

Does it happen to you as well? It reboots after the permanent rooting and stuck in the loading screen and never go to Main menu screen.

Hybrid Wm8650 Uberoid V5

Aug 12, Messages: I’ll try another couple of times the pinhole uberiod and formatting the SD Those more expert please correct my mistakes: The developer seems to have a wide range of test units to play with. The others would just crash. You could give those a try and see if any will run on your device.


hybrid wm8650 uberoid 1.3.0 v5.7z

You must log in or sign up to reply here. May 30, 5 0 5. One comment and I dont know if this is specific to me but some of the text in context menu’s is hidden; i.

Press “Clear cache” do not clear data 5. Press “Google Services Framework” 8.

Hybrid Wm Uberoid V5

So incase anyone else has similar issues my tablet ‘spec’ is as follows, and I can confirm this ROM works great, including wifi etc had to turn wifi off and back on to detect networks though? Log in or Sign up. Just wondering – can we modify the boot image directly by putting our images in the firmware install folder?

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