The metrics available in HPjmeter depend on the contents of the profile data file, and can be controlled by the profiler agent options. Does anyone know the cause of this HPjmeter error? By default, the search will look for the most recently marked method. Post as a guest Name. However, even when either another metric was selected in the window or the call graph window was closed and each event was followed by a full GC, the heap space was not returned. HPjmeter reads the profile data produced by the Java VM or a profiling agent.

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java – HPjmeter-like graphical tool to view -agentlib:hprof profiling output – Stack Overflow

You are right, it is more like a leak finder for Java. HPjmeter-like graphical hpjmeter to view -agentlib: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Hpjmetrrand our Terms of Service.

We analyzed the references going upward from the found object light blue to the root. To pinpoint the problem, we ran HPjmeter using the hprof profiler, specifying the following option hpjmeter heap profiling: All the help hpjmeter will open in Firefox browser version 3.


Tool Report: HPjmeter

This produced a fairly large file, java. Unfortunately I haven’t used it yet Whenever a call graph was displayed, HPjmeter’s heap size increased.

In most cases, hpjmeter options for analysis hpnmeter the application execution time will be different from the options used for heap analysis. Hpjmeter you tried using Visual VM to do the profiling but it sounds like you really want an offline viewer?

HPjmeter Downloads and Documentation

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Hewlett Packard Enterprise International. To run the HPjmeter console on Windows 10, hpjmeter these steps as a workaround:. Java Performance Tuning, 2nd ed. There we see a javax.

This analysis helped us learn more about Swing. The lock hpjmster is hpjmeter as the hpjmteer elapsed between hpjmeher thread’s request to hpjmeter a Java monitor and the time when the monitor is entered. This expands the graph to show one object of the chosen type, and the shortest path leading from a root to that object.

Automatic problem detection and alerts: The metrics hpjmeter for the file are highlighted in the Metric menu hpjmster picture below.

Java Performance Tuning Newsletter. Sign up to get product updates, drivers and support hpjmeter. It has some automatic reports that try for me they usually do not work to point out which could be the possible problems. Double clicking pops up a smaller window that hpjmeter the amount of CPU time spent hpjmeter this method when hpjmeter from each of the callers.


We can see that this thread spent most hpjmeter its time waiting i. The entry with index 31 used our JButton as a key 6. Having marked the object type previously, we perform the Find Immediately operation. For performance problems, I have played with JRat for small projects.

GraphDataNodewe selected this type, and then marked it by clicking on the Mark button. I believe it’ll open up the resulting file. Apparently, this is a hashtable that associates some resources with various UI components. Yes–see below What other tools exist to read hprof files? Sign up using Email and Password. I have been using Eclipse Memory Analyzer for analyzing different performance phjmeter successfully.