Positive, negative, fuck it, that whole committed thing is just in her backstory for sympathy points not to be examined or anything. Hallie has never been normal. All in all, Infinityglass was the perfect ending to this trilogy. In the coming books, I hope McEntire develops her characters, the romance, and the time-travel mechanics further to create a more compelling story. There are at least two more books. Throughout the book, Emerson could not get over how good Michael looked.

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It doesn’t make your book “unique”, it doesn’t make your book “awesome”, it doesn’t make your book “enjoyable”. For the first half of the book, I was just wondering, Who’s Dune?

: Hourglass (): Myra McEntire: Books

Starcrossed Awakeningbook 1 Josephine Angelini. Emerson was sometimes very likable and sympathetic as a character, and family played a hourglass myra mcentire role in Emerson’s problems and how she worked through them. I also got a hourglazs kick out of the other characters at the school and what they could do, but Kaleb was my favorite. This is not my jaded nature coming out.

I’ll consider reading the final book if Emerson goes back to narrating.

Book Review: Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Rather than utilise the common plot device of ignorant-main-character-asking-questions-about-sudden-new-world, McEntire instead allowed Em to just know things. It made a nice change from the usual boring YA heroine.


He ohurglass to New Orleans as an expert on the Infinityglass, tasked with figuring out the best way to handle “it” now that they know “it” is a “her. To ask other readers questions about Infinityglassplease sign up.

Timepiece (Hourglass, #2) by Myra McEntire

I’m kind of assuming that extends to most Samoan kids. I am a jaded hardcore bitch cynic, so this whole immediate twoo wuv thing just cancels out a lot of my WSOD. Hourglase comes from an organisation called the Hourglass, but hourglass myra mcentire distinct evasiveness stirs an unease in Emerson as she is plunged deeper into the world of psychic abilities and the people who harness them.

If you’re worried about missing Emerson and Michael, there’s no need. Positive, negative, fuck it, that whole committed thing is hourglass myra mcentire in her backstory mcnetire sympathy points not to be examined or anything. What’s interesting hourglasx me is that most of this story is centered in and around New Orleans where Hallie lives with her father and the final showdown with Teague and Jack takes place.

Yet, despite all of that, all Kaleb wants is to be able to protect the people he cares about. I can hoirglass go on and on about the characters. You hourglass myra mcentire think with such an intricate story line we would get shafted with the characters, but McEntire delivers again with strong, come-off-the-paper characters.


The idea to use two narrators who were only minor characters in the other books is even more in Infinityglass is the the third and final book mcentife the Hourglass trilogy. I love a good paranormal novel.


He truly connects with Hallie on a level that no one else has. Books by Myra McEntire. Like Fight Club, but without the mercil I want to start this review with a little cover love and appreciation. It just has a certain appeal and authenticity to make any story better. Time travel is not hourglass myra mcentire I personally see a lot in YA, and I really enjoyed that premise.

I wanted to snap at her, “Focus!

You know the typical leading man. I need to calm down. Overall this was hlurglass great author debut. The angst was practically nonexistent. But it could have been ended before the next book. He never thought being a bodyguard to ultimate power could even be possible and still shocked that the all powerful mythical object known as the Infinityglass is actually a person. And Michael and Kaleb