He died at the age of 47 caused by a heart attack. My eldest brother Anwer was arrested ten years ago and sentenced to die. He was the writer and director of the show as well as performing in it. One Would think guys like you are The devil himself. Abadi You deserve to be kicked out. Em kurdi muslumanin ne doste emrik au israilin. Dramatic fall in the rate of union members in Turkey.

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In other words, hossein panahi was of the belief that in Kurdish society, women, the poor, and workers face great injustices, that children were deprived of many of the things they need, and that Kurdish youth faced a bleak future.

Retrieved 3 September Retrieved from ” https: Iraqi president Salih’s official visit to Turkey more. Abadi vacates government house after raid. Elsewhere hpssein Rudaw yesterday at Just That in itself tells us all we need.

The Supreme Court upheld the conviction and death sentence in March January Learn how and hossein panahi to remove this template message.

Panahi was “denied access to both his lawyer and his family, as well as to any details of the evidence against him” according to Amnesty International. Ramin Hossein Panahi, hossein panahi 23 years old, was arrested on June in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan Province in Iran and charged with being a member of the Kurdish opposition party Komala.


Ramin Hossein Panahinow 23 years old, was arrested on June in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan Province in Iran and charged with being a member of hossein panahi Kurdish opposition party Komala.

Leave our people alone! We will void the attacks through our own strength.

UNPO: Iran: Komala Member Ramin Hossein Panahi Wrongly Executed After Unfair Trial

His case garnered international attention as Amnesty International and UN officials condemned his death sentence after what they said was an unfair trial and reports he was tortured in custody.

He was not involved in the armed dispute. UN human rights experts claimed that they did not receive a fair trial and were tortured during pre-trial detention. Three terrorists killed in Afrin. Rudaw is a great newsplatform exposing your dirty hossein panahi evig games against Kurds. Panahi had been tortured, denied access to a lawyer or medical care, and that he had been held incommunicado. He also has two hossein panahi Zibar, and Ahmad. The footage said Amjad had even hired European lawyers to provoke the European Union to impose sanctions on Iran.

Hossein Panahi – Wikipedia

My family faced hossein panahi. Ramin Hossein Panahi, along with two other terrorists, was executed in Iran on Saturday more hossein panahi a year after he was arrested and following due legal proceedings and after being convicted of membership in terrorist groups, engagement in armed clashes and involvement in terrorist activities. Anwar has one son, Milad bornand two daughters, Mahtab bornand Mahshid born A child holds a poster appealing for the life of Ramin Hassan Panahi at a protest at the UN compound in Erbil earlier this year.


He was the writer hossein panahi director of the show as well as performing in it. Share your stories, photos and videos with Rudaw, and quite possibly the world. This struggle, in the end, requires sacrifices. Em kurdi muslumanin ne doste emrik au israilin.

Ramin Hossein-Panahi

Hossein Panahi Dezhkooh Persian: Hoesein health has deteriorated in prison and he is suffering from kidney failure and amnesia. We Kurds will never be silenced by intimidation and fear.

Panahi’s case was a “breathtaking miscarriage of justice from start to finish” according to Amnesty’s Philip Luther. The footage contained numerous stills showing Hossein panahi Panahi carrying arms and weapons. Ramin Hossein Panahi was executed by Iran on September 8,