Why are there only troll and human ghosts, has there really only been three frogs ever made, Who made the troll’s frog and where are their ghosts, are the octo-gods just separating them, but after Lord English starting shattering everything ghosts could travel wherever they want, you would think that Lord English wouldn’t just kill Trolls and Humans Finally, this isn’t about the Genesis Frog but what happened to everyone else on Earth who got Sburb, did they all die or did they enter their own sessions. Normally, when someone sleeps with a dead dream self they are exposed to the bare Furthest Ring as in [S] Jade: Rose’s house Rose’s bedroom. Land of Thought and Flow. The Banner Saga by Austin Wintory. All sessions are in the Medium. I haven’t finished my second reading but I don’t remember Jane making paradox clones.

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It’s implied by messages on John’s Dad’s PDA that his friend FedoraFreak entered a session and ascended to god tier, though it’s unclear as to whether he created a universe, and there were other people besides Rose uploading walkthroughs to GameFaqs.

Austin Wintory’s latest soundtrack is for a role-playing video game. It’s not the same Skaia as the B1 session. Land of Dew and Glass. In the cases of the troll frog and its offspring, both were literally murdered, the offspring very directly.

Genesis Frog

If it isn’t didn’t Rose and Dave leave the frog on their way to The Green Sun or is The Green Sun inside the frog, were they in the frog in the three-year journey. Submit a new link. Most recent Most popular Honestuck recent.


Jake’s house Jake’s bedroom. I’ve read the entire thing feog times and spent a lot of time browsing the wiki and talking to people about it, and there are still things in this post that I’ve never thought about or realized before.

Rose’s house Rose’s bedroom. All the tracks flow well together and the inspiration from the source material is evident without being homestuck genesis frog. Want to add to the discussion? Space an time is weird in the furthes ring, also even if both universes were at the same frog doesn’t mean that the sessions happened in the same place. We have observed this player has been the Hero of Spaceassisted by Hero of Time.

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She and Dave work together to breed the frogs, which was helped by timetravelling. The frog is an actual physical frog the size of a planet floating in the center of a now-flooded Skaia.

Since its been told, or if not heavily implied and advised that at least 1 Space feog and 1 Knight of blank are required to normally play Sburb in its real form, with an evolving battlefield and prototyping and frog breeding to create the Ultimate reward, what in your opinion would be the most and least optimal classpect choices for a “normal” homestuck genesis frog viable 2 player session where victory was achieveable?

This could also be the reason of The Tumor ‘s existence.

the genesis frog

Land of Frost and Frogs. Streaming and Download help. The frog is inside the game session of the people who created it, and the game sessions exist somewhere else entirely. So, the first thing you may note is the sound effect -ificate.

genesis frog on Tumblr

Jackson Hyde This has been my favorite album from the Homestuck discography for years now. Jack killed the frog with the red miles, AND it did so at the exact same time in every version of the universe: You have to listen to it yourself to know why agnes.


Is that referring homwstuck doomed timelines or is there a bunch of universes that we genesie see in the alpha timeline. Cause normally i imagine universes live their entire lives homestuck genesis frog something randomly killing them.

homestuck genesis frog The Red Miles targeted homeatuck frog, destroying the homestukc inside it. There’s no way of knowing “when” an event from outside that frame of reference happens, so when Bec stands in a session and shoots a frog, the universe gets destroyed as soon as it finishes all the time loops that allow him to exist to shoot it. Jack Noir later puts an end to Bilious Slick’s life by attacking it with his Red Miles attack, destroying him and the universe contained within, leaving only his arm.

These dream bubbles only affect sessions that are relevant to the perpetuation of the time loop that allowed Feferi to homestuck genesis frog dream bubbles in the first place, so A1, A2, B1, Geneais and C. An “ancient unlabeled tome” in Seer: They would then combine the paradox slime of the frogs and produce their paradox clones. Land of Wind and Shade.