Click here to go to our help pages or to contact our Customer Support team instead. Hodgepodge Hollow is a beatufiul, though easy, fairytale-themed HOG. I was at a point where I almost gave up but wanted to see the ending. Easy gameplay, relaxing music and moves right along. Please be advised we use cookies on our site in order to give you the best experience. A Potions Primer Review. At first I thought, “this is just for kids.

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The scenes go by so fast you’re always ready for one more. Privacy policy terms of service About Zylom sitemap. Stir up a caldron full of fun for the whole family when you download the free trial of Hodgepodge Hollow: Gorgeous graphics Vexing puzzles to solve Lots of potions to mix and use!

The objects were easy to find, the tasks were laid out in front of you. No online version available. The ending is hodgepodge hollow a potions primer anticlimactic as well, given how much of a build-up there is to your encounter with the thieving dragons.

Hodggepodge information Got it! Hidding of the objects was very clever. No online version available and trial finished.


Download Hodgepodge Hollow: A Potions Primer

Download Online FunPass Help. This doesn’t take very long but I found I didn’t need to use many hints prijer all. I really enjoyed this game. Please be advised we use cookies on our site in order to give you the best experience. I was disappointed because although I love the dark and sinister HOG games, sometimes it is nice to lighten things up a bit.

Hodgepodge Hollow – A Potions Primer Deluxe – Relax and try this game on Zylom!

Is the game short, or can you play it for hours on end? The potions were a nice touch but not very difficult at all. Can you stay clear of the dragons to q up these recipes? Note that your review won’t be visible right away: Those that truly want to hunt and think with every game they play – this won’t be for you.

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The art style is simple and adorable, like looking into a beautiful fairy tale. Dream Chronicles Classic games Mystery games. A Potions Primer Review. The Good Beautiful art style.

Hodgepodge Hollow – A Potions Primer features create magical potions to help a group of gnomes in this hidden object hunt explore a mystical realm full of enchanted creatures find hundreds of hidden ingredients and objects for your potions solve puzzles hodgeoodge using your potions and intellect.


No, the hidden objects are not grueling to find, as others have noted, yet at the same time they are cleverly hidden by altering the color of the object, e. I hodgepodge hollow a potions primer the graphics! Swap games Block games.

Hodgepodge Hollow: A Potions Primer Review

Related Stories Hidden Folks Walkthrough. Silly as it may seem, I enjoyed playing wizard by mixing up the potions with ingredients acquired on my “travels” through the fairytale realm. It’s easy but entertaining.

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Other ways to share: Finding things is neither too difficult or too easy.