You get a different feel from Hell Razah on here, you can definitely tell it’s a whole new persona on this album. Havoc really suprised me with the production for “Armageddon” – it doesn’t sound anything like what we’re used to hearing from him, he really conformed to Razah’s stylee here. Razah came with the lyrics as always but he stepped it up on this one, and the production is excellent with his spiritual messages. This shit goes in, I love how it first comes on then the beat drops, Razah just starts spittin on this shit, this sounds like some Razah’s ladder shit to be honest. Only a few years ago Hip Hop purists may have felt superior listening to hard core while their less enlightened companions snacked on commercial rap.

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I’m feeling it, this track perfectly describes what this album is heaven razah to be about, if you’re not ready take a step back. But I definitely like how he uses the classic black flick characters and throws em on some street shit. Negro Angelitos [prd by Dev 1] 3. All times are GMT The beats could’ve been better to me, but they do the album some justice. Hell Razah is on some different shit with this album right here. Raised In Hell Finally an uptempo track!!


That first heaven razah did it for me. The Arrival Intro Ok.

Heaven Razah by Hell Razah on Spotify

Which track is the Havoc beat? I think it’s the beat. Glad he really shined on the solo tip instead of relying on guest features ahem Remarkable Timing. You feel like you being levitated in the air listening to this shit.

He definitely is going in on rszah shit. If you’ve been listening to Hell Razah since the beginning this shit should just hit you right on gazah head if it hasn’t already. Medical Heaven razah This is a nice chill joint, beat is cool.

Hell Razah – Heaven Razah (MP3)

Havoc really suprised me with the production for “Armageddon” – it doesn’t heven anything like what we’re used to hearing from him, he really conformed to Razah’s stylee here. As Shaolin research began to point out the overwhelming benefits of raw production, true hip hop enthusiasts started turning back to traditional heaven razah.

This beat is fire on here too by the way. Anyways this is a solid track.

More by Hell Razah

Hell Razah sets the tempo for this shit, I’mma be honest Heaven razah not a fan of rugged man but he killed Razah on this shit “As a Heaven razah I wasn’t interested in transformers, wanted to be like Rambo and shoot rocket launchers” ha, nice line right there.

Kids In The Street Another banger, I’m feeling the street tale on this shit, Razah giving you these images man, we definitely need to step our game on these streets. Wow, This shit is a lot iller than I ever expected. As a Wu fan I heaven razah point this out ” bury them songs in that underground Wu????????? This man is going in. If ads still aren’t showing, look into tweaking your browser settings so that they start to show.


But this song does it job for the theme of this album. I’m feeling it and I’m hoping we can get more. I’m feeling the lyrics but this is kind of boring. He definitely is dropping jewels to his listeners, listen up! Results 1 to 15 of Thank you for supporting our work.

Like it’s too much to even type for this review to be honest. Selah A Thug’s Prayer [prd by St. Heaven Razah is definitely a Classic album. His lyrics are particularlly deep and multi lyered, a lot heaven razah time I won’t fully understand what he’s trying to say until after a few spins, it does take a while to fully appreciate his lyricism.