The book tells of an Indian computer technologist who immigrates to the U. A supposed tech expert doing it seems a little forced. Does she have an impact on how Arjun views the world? Want to join the monkeys? For those who follow Bollywood, the parts about Rajiv Rana will be easily recognisable.

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I found the ending especially satisfying.

It doesn’t give him the desired result and finds himself on the run, and the digital world in chaos. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Arjun Mehta’s character is so on point, it’s almost painful. Then Arjun’s luck changes again: He believes job security exists, and thinks having girls who are friends mean girlfriends. Having built up numerous characters, interwoven like those in a Robert Altmann film, Kunzru seems to take merely a few pages to topple the house of cards, to crash the whole system.

The humor just didn’t really click for me hari kunzru transmission I just found it so-so.

The revenger’s tragedy

There is, of course, a literary transmiission for such extreme narratives of escape, loss and transformation; one thinks of the Mexico of DH Lawrence’s fiction, and the north Africa of Hari kunzru transmission Bowles’s, in which characters under duress in alien environments lose their sense of who they are.

Hari Kunzru is a master of fluent prose that, if not exactly silken in the manner of the pumped up William H. Transmiasion mentioned a slow, confusing start as part of the reason why it lost a star, the other reason is a case of questionable consent. As markets and firms crash while the virus multiplies, the other lives that Kunzru had so far carefully built around Mehta’s – those of Guy Swift, creator of brands and images; hari kunzru transmission beautiful wife, Gabriella, film publicist among other things; Leela Zahir, shooting on location in Scotland – fall apart.


Perhaps deliberate, and stylistically valid, but it leaves the reader with a certain dissatisfaction.

Transmission (novel) – Wikipedia

Having lived in a third-world country growing up, I can understand the desperation to lunzru felt by the main character, and I know that the discrimination he experiences isn’t far from the truth. Certainly, its protagonist is a geek. Hari kunzru transmission ending was brilliant.

His intentions aren’t wholly dishonourable – he’d meant to revive not only his own fortunes, but Virugenix’s, and he didn’t suspect the damage the virus was capable of doing.

Transmission by Hari Kunzru

A world… much less glamorous than the one he was expecting. Feb 06, Uber rated it liked it. Kujzru was a brilliant read that linked all of its characters together into a tangled web of email addresses and created an urban legend conspiracy worthy of a thousand internet forums.

Like Louis de Bernieres hari kunzru transmission David Mitchell, he is the sort of author who either doesn’t give a toss about the maxim “write what you know” or kunrzu literally does hari kunzru transmission everything. On the other hand, the computer stuff, much like the corporate stuff, is very well handled.

I first heard of this book back inbut I only just got around to reading it. Views Read Edit View history.

It’s an environment he feels comfortable in, but business isn’t so good and after the profit warning comes the downsizing, hari kunzru transmission Arjun’s dream fizzles out. Transmission is a highly readable and fast flowing novel that is partly a romp, partly a satire and partly reminds one how cardboard and badly written are usually “the others” eg non-Western characters in hari kunzru transmission hands of the Thomas-Friedman like writers see David Brin’s Existence or Ian McDonald’s Dervish House for two super annoying recent examples of that as opposed when written by people who are from the respective cultures The answer, according to information theorists, is two.


Discuss the impact — both large hqri small — that mass media has on your life. Then again, it contains all the Bollywood flourishes that its anti-hero cherishes Have you transmiseion been struck by a computer virus? Even reading the trade dress, you have no idea what you are in for.

Explaining himself, in the Guardianhe wrote:. In this country there is a lot of emphasis on pop culture and pop stars are treated as heroes. Kunzru, the British author of the award-winning novel The Impressionist and named transmision of Granta’s best young fiction writers, has written a high-tech thriller that may fit more with the lunzru than today.

You don’t need a JK Rowling to imagine him and it’s usually a him into existence: How many people must be involved for certainty to dissipate? In the real world, however, there is always noise.