Her first exposure to formal music education came via a scholarship to a Berklee School of Music online course. Since completing the course Aftab has lived in the United States, where she continues to rapidly gain fans and accolades. Celebration Of Life demo for berklee. Tere Bina cover fusion. Mera Pyar Cover Song.

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Silvatein -Pak Studio Net. Ankhen [Arooj and Haniya]. Do you feel as if you were born into the wrong species? I put them out on the Internet with the world being the test audience.

Mera Pyar Tribute to Amir Zaki. Bolo Na Final Cut. With of Without You Live.

You have to invite people that you love and respect to come with you to a space and create sound that is super organic and alive. It has this hallelujah arooj aftab vibe in the way that they treat female vocals. Tere Bina cover fusion. As a Pakistani woman clearly, but also as a musician who is determined — and thus far successful — to establish your reputation in the West, rather than in Pakistan.


Coca Cola as a company has done some very shady and terrible things to farmers in India and Pakistan in the past. Is Qadar Pyaar Se [demo 1].

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I was also listening to whatever my parents played — which was an array of classical, semi classical, ghazal, thumri and qawwali music. Tell me about Rebuild Pakistan? Baghon Main Pade Jhoole [Live]. Bird Under Water is an intriguing title. Bolo Na Studio Recording. Celebration Of Life [demo].

Arooj Aftab on Showbiz Buzz

Udhero Na Demo Clip. Hallelujah – Arooj Aftab. How much of a aroou foundation did you have in Pakistan and how was that supplemented in Berklee?

Man Kunto Mola [Live]. You learn jazz arrangements.

Unhurried as a Sunday morning, her album Bird Under Water is a thing of understated beauty. It conjures images of things being dangerously out of place.

What sort of music did you listen to growing up? The result was magical.

wasiq1’s blog: Arooj Aftab – Hallelujah

When did you know that you wanted to sing? Top Tracks Top Artists. Arooj Aftab – Celebration Of Life hallelujay. Also an amazing composer is Meshell Ndegeocello, who has just funky, deep grooves. Na Ja Balam Live.


Q&A with Arooj Aftab: “I’m Tired of Exoticized South Asian Music” | Sepia Mutiny

I have gone back and apprenticed with local Lahori singers. I had a strange feeling that there had to be something more exciting to do in life.

My father would have a musical teacher and instrumentalists come by on the weekends for fun and I would be glued to him. So after many months I stumbled on an earlier mix of Baghon Mainand there hallelujah arooj aftab said, bird under water.