I enjoy and appreciate all your tutorials and reviews SJ. Totally agree man, joint sounds great! RodneyRicoWillis March 30, at 4: This is mad dope! TheSynchronon December 21, at 5: Thanks for watching man, more to come!

halcyon sky maschine

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Totally agree man, joint sounds great! Just downloaded this last night; hard making choices but I think this pack will keep me busy for some time.

Download Maschine Expansion Halcyon Sky vR2R

Good stuff right there. PrinceE December 26, at 2: Chance Watkins April 2, at 4: I will be using this one a lot! Your excellent content earned you my sub. Jim Shannon December 20, at 4: Any help would be appreciated.

halcyon sky maschine

Wilhelm January 8, at 8: This expansion is definitely going in the arsenal…and before watching I said to myself I aint really into Ambient sounds all that much…but the way you made the track kinda let me see its definitely dope and I think i can really sk. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


DDaniels December 20, at 9: N-I just had to throw in motivation for me to upgd to 2. When you download NI Maschine packs are the. But after seeing some of the possibilities for live and studio applications I decided to break out into new territory.

Yo bro…the beat you did alone at the end sells this expansion itself!!!

halcyon sky maschine

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Comes with a bunch of kits, full of drums, chords, riffs, and percussion. B3 December 20, at 6: Russplight December 21, at 4: I love the way they have it for all genres of music.

Where you get you accessories for that?

halcyon sky maschine

This is a must have. This pack is nice.

Maschine Packs: Native Instruments Halcyon Sky Review

I want it just for the reverb patches alone Reply. This is the best one yet for me. Thom Adams May 1, at 5: Mad4Maschine December 20, at 6: DjAir Wax December 22, at 3: Luving them urban kits Cheap Laugths, Maschinf kick dope, Glacier kits, that drop on pad 10 sickassz….


I love ambient sounds fam! Your email address will not be published. Really loved the sounds they are really cool. RodneyRicoWillis March 30, at 4: