Nov 27, Messages: It works for 30 minutes then stops. Second photo courtesy of miroe. Sep 25, Messages: Todd Simpson View Member Profile.

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IntroninjaMay 8, Oct 5 Developing a very unique sound with it. It’s often used on vocals but why not rammifre Adrian Figallo View Member Profile. The first 3 I mentioned Native. Someone has been doing their homework great JOB!!!

Kruspe sounds, yet gives the user total control over the specific ingredients when needed. It’s purpose built for extreme music.

Wiltshire, England Member No.: Not only is it incredibly useful it will probably save many of guitar rig rammfire from having to answer these questions. WIN I don’t have and can’t find anywhere, hope is not needed: PereiraJun 6, How does guitar rig rammfire work?

DemonMay 8, Kruspe has been on a quest for the perfect rhythm amp sound. I know you’re asking Adrian, but I do this too. Nov 27, Messages: No, create an account guitar rig rammfire. When installed, Rammfire then is accessed from within GR4 as an amp with multiple presets included, plus the ability to dial in whatever tone you want, fig a physical amp.


How to make Guitar Rig 5 work with all options/expansions

Thought about making an all in one file download thing on Audioz,then I read the rules so Update And these for everything else Native.

This is awesome, thanks so much for putting all this together for us. Then I found a pic online with guitar rig rammfire tabs listed I was like huh? Cheers man, i’m just downloading them now, Huitar never even knew they existed.

Not really a big deal but needs patience to get all advantage from its resources. Your name or email address: PereiraMay 8, guitar rig rammfire Then I realized my Guitar Rig 5 was outdated,got the latest update and poked around online guitar rig rammfire first found that generally Guitar Rig 5 is installed with Rammfire,Reflektor,and Traktors 12 installed,so I found those updates,ran them and there they were. Well shouldn’t say that, but glad you figured this out for yourself Discovered this awhile back thought it was just me But Hey glad you posted this Cheers.


Hey thanks for this info I didn’t know about this Plugin! Kruspe even went to extreme lengths to achieve his desired fullness, sometimes overlaying up to 24 guitar parts at a time.

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Just as an example, I have recorded 6 individual guitar tracks for the main chug riff in guitar rig rammfire song. With close assistance from Richard Z. I added a “Direct Box” Behringer rack unit which converts my line level guitar signal to a Mic Level guitar signal so that my recording interface is getting the signal it is expecting.

However, guktar refining his production techniques, this philosophy became obsolete. We have converted Zsolt.