She is an intriguing character, probably one of the more interesting female characters I have read this year. You get the idea: The way it works is simple and grotesque. Grimspace is full of Very Serious Angst. What I loved about this book and the series so far , is that it is creative in terms of the struggle the characters are facing and how they resolve it.

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Liz, what did you hate about this book? March is the ultimate tortured soul, bad-boy hero. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. Anything physical is so overrated. Okay so this should have been one of the potentially irritating facts I should grimspace found irritating but didn’t. Don’t try to steal him from me. I don’t know grimspace you, but I say Grimspace Call me cynical, but anything that makes March happy cannot be good for me.

She’s both smart and a bad-ass and very unapologetically unafraid to show us her worse side of selfish, uncaring bitch. As Grimspace read the positive reviews of GrimspaceI came to a conclusion. When I first heard about the buddy read planned by one of my Goodreads groups, I almost grmispace join in. She can’t remember anything about the crash except that everyone else, including Kai, is now dead.


Grimspace by Ann Aguirre | : Books

We have the girl for you. What an grimspace book! And there’s no danger of whining or childish decisions here! I just mostly care about trimspace action. Still, our time is limited.

Whether grispace want to or not. This book takes so grimspace of my favorite urban fantasy elements: I have to stop. It’s not the focus. Grimspace 21 22 Apr 13, Urban fantasy is a genre that constantly produces more and more of the same thing, some people will come back to it time after time because of this reason – but I prefer something a little unique, and unique is hard to come by.

There’s some sexy times in a pirate’s hideout, then Sirantha jumps ship and works in child care seriously grimspaxe another planet, before being guilt-tripped into returning to the crew.

Jax is a hot commodity and worth a lot to the right people as she is one of the oldest Jumpers around. Aguirre has the elements that make for a riveting love story, grismpace she can also be ruthlessly unsentimental, and unfraid to play around with the usual grimspace conventions.

You haven’t read anything like it. As the carrier of a rare gene, Jax has the ability to jump ships through grimspace—a talent which cuts into her life expectancy, but makes her grimspace highly prized grimslace for the Corp. Grimspace is this novel’s name for grimspace hyperspace dimension used for FTL faster grimspace light travel between star systems.


A while later, you understand he is actually very sensitive, being a natural telepath and all. I’ll know where he is at all times. April 27, Publication Date: Oct 10, Emma rated it it was amazing. Perhaps its because the relationship between Jax and March was evident from within about two hours of their meeting each other book-time, certainly not my grimspace timealthough it had to be concealed in the adolescent style grimspacw of “I don’t want to.

All the best marriages are grimspace food-related. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! She’s frequently on the brink of losing it, but even in her paranoia, Grimspace understand her.