The percentage from the baseline figure is relative to the character size. Select the driver corresponding to the table you will use. Unlock the cursor to work outside the margins. Change the Font Select all the text on the first line. Each level is built upon the previous level. Another interesting way to use this dialog involves using letters. You are allowed to associate one tool with more than one color.

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For this example, click on the blue Tool 3 and double-click on the tool.

You can now visually size the circle by moving the cursor. Select the number 1 from the Show State pulldown menu. You can select any material that New Hermes Inc.

Installing GravoStyle`98

Gravostyle 98 general approach is listed below: That is, set radius to 2. I wish they had more than a max usable. This feature could be used, for example, to define a finishing pass, or to clean up chips, gravosgyle to cut delicate or hard material.


Machining; or Gravosyle Table On this same dialog, click the Machining tab. Click on either rabbit icon to bring up the Machining parameters gravostyle 98. Drag the guidelines from the rulers to the positions indicated in the specification. Change the Font Select the first text line by clicking and dragging the cursor through the text.

Installation & technical support | Gravograph

The red dial indicator cycles from left to right as you click on it. As you have already learned, you can enter some text or gravostylf the text, and format it after input. Click on the vertical text to select it. See the Tool Library Tech Note below. License Software License Agreement. Click on the Text on Arc icon located on the blue vane of of the pinwheel.

gravostyle 98

The first line of text should still be selected. This is accomplished simply by gravostyle 98 codes into the software. During raster engraving, the laser moves back and forth in a hatch pattern to do filling.

Engraving – Sponsored by Gravograph Search In. Press F2 to specify exact values for when precise dimensions are required for scaling or moving. Click the Move icon on the Transformation toolbar. Go into Manual mode.


Tutorial for GravoStyle`98

You can scale and position this by eye. Click anywhere in the material.

Click on the underline icon on the Text Toolbar. Objectives Raster or vector laser engraving Select laser driver Choose printer options Setup job in laser engraver Design Specifications File: X-5 Green pinwheel text toolbox. Click gravostyle 98 the Move Icon to initiate a move operation. Tool and color gravostyle 98 To associate the color and tool, first click on the color and then double-click on the tool.

Browse to the a: Hit Enter or click anywhere in the design to apply the change. Edit the Underline Position text box text to —