It displays much more bold on their pc than on mine, the line of text becomes longer and dosen’t fit into the design anymore. I use numeric weights instead of named ones because it allows my script to use up to nine different weights. This post is written by guest author, you can also write one here at skyje. Using it is similar to the CSS property font-variant: The rectilinear terminals in it add a modern touch. A lot of fonts especially a lot of free fonts look just fine on a Mac, Linux box, or mobile phone, but look horrible on Windows. I have two font-face declarations that I use to embed the font into my webpage — one to embed the regular variant, and one for the bolded one:

graublauweb bold

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A couple of things to keep in mind, though:. A slight arc on the terminals gives a unique character to this font. After playing graublsuweb with the technology for the past two years, I have done research on how to improve the look and legibility of font-face type.

10 Best Headline Fonts

This is because Windows relies on the hinting information embedded inside a font, and these fonts may not be hinted correctly, if at all. This has been a great decade for web typography so far.


graublauweb bold

See live examples of all the font-feature-settings listed below and more. In these screenshots, the ghetto font-variant: Color preview Color code.

Its regular weight is excellent for text, and the bold one is solid at large sizes for headlines. Unfortunately, not all fonts implement the smcp feature tag more on feature detection laterbut when it is available, it usually yields better results. Heuristica Bold Heuristica Bold offers an extreme contrast with sans serif font. Graublau Web Bold Graublau Web Bold — is an eye catching headline font performing excellent at large sizes. I have two font-face declarations that I use to embed the font into my webpage — one to embed the regular variant, and one for the bolded one:.

Index of /skin/frontend/default/organicandwholesale/fontface/graublauweb/specimen_files

You may want a different style depending on when you use them in calculations, in headings or in body copy. Tushtush Bod MF Italic. Jun 23, at 8: Faux-bolding and faux-italicizing i.

Migzert Bold MF Italic. Museo Slab Second is Museo Slab.

graublauweb bold

Turns out that the CSS was only including one weight:. Heuristica Bold Seventh is Heuristica Bold. In articles printed in newspapers, magazines or websites, headlines make a good impression on the reader.

Ninth is Graublau Web Bold. And it’s a nice weight, slightly lighter than a Myriad Black. The example presented here is from Exo. Megalopolis Extra Megalopolis Extra is a headline font with significant weight and can be used in a variety of contexts being both playful and serious.


graublauweb bold () – Abstract Fonts

It has generous personality help and does not sacrifice readability. Eighth is Droid Snas Bold. It immediately attracts the attention of the reader and creates an interest of further investigation. Thank you for sharing the best free WordPress themes. As mentioned before, what features are turned on or off varies from font to font One feature tag, kernis almost always on turned on by default, since it regulates the amount of space between pairs of characters. Without this information, I may not be able to respond.

Enter your email address: They are also useful in other print materials, such as posters and flyers.

This usually lends to better results depending on how the font is rendered.